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    Ever wanted to keep track of you collections and tick off your collectibles as you go along? Now you can, and for FREE.

    All you have to do is download one or all of these files and print them. Use the simple system of ticks to track your collection status. Depending on how you organize your collection, you'll need the Quicklist or Checklists 1-3, the new Kanoka Checklist, or the Krana Checklist.

    You will need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader software to view and print these files, which you can download here.

    Kanoka Checklist

    Bionicle Kanohi and Krana Checklists

    • Clicklist v1.1 (Kanohi and Krana)
      Updated 4-4-2002 New: just click the circles! For people who want to view Kanohi and Krana on one page. Provides areas to click off at least one of each mask and Krana. Great overall list to see what specific masks or Krana you still need.
      Changes from previous version: Fixed some incorrect Krana images, and made the list clickable.

    The following lists are for those who would like more information on specific Kanohi and Krana, and wish to track masks for all available sets.

    • Kanohi Checklist 1
      Great and Noble masks. Includes mask checklist and information and for names, mask wearers, and mask powers.

    • Kanohi Checklist 2
      Matoran and Rahi Masks. Checklist and data for masks included with the Rahi sets and Tohunga (Matorans) distributed during 2001 McDonald's Happy Meal promotion.

    • Kanohi Checklist 3
      Special Masks and Misprints. Checklist and data for harder-to-find masks distributed for promotions, at LEGOLAND California and LEGOLAND Windsor, early European "misprints" and others, including the Vahi and Silver Kanohi Rua.

    • Krana Checklist
      All 96 Krana in MS Word format. Courtesy BZP reader kurdaitcha1.

    These checklists are provided for your use so long as you do not alter or redistribute without copyright information. Kanohi checklists created exclusively for Kanohi-Power by Michael Parsons, and are copyright ©2002 Michael Parsons. All Rights Reserved. Used by permission. Krana checklist created by BZP reader kurdaitcha1, used by permission.

    LEGO® and BIONICLE are trademarks of the LEGO Group. BZPower is not authorized or endorsed by TLG. All non-LEGO images & contents are copyright and are not authorized or approved by the LEGO Group. logo & graphic design are copyrights of the owners of this site. ©2001-2023