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    Discuss This Story Hot Bionicle NewsWednesday, June 9th, 2021 at 2:30pm by Jason, BZPower Reporter

    The Preliminary round of Bio-Cup 2021 has completed, and there have been some fantastic entries submitted since our last story. I want to post more, but there are so many good ones to choose from, so I’m going to have to spread it out across a couple of stories. This first batch will focus on some of the remixes of our favorite Matoran!

    Taipu and the IndustriUssal Revolution by yannickdesignsthings

    Taipu and the IndustriUssal Revolution

    I love a good Taipu MOC, and this one delivers him atop a very creative crab! The Ussal is certainly very industrialized, shown from the steam towers on the back and the gritty pistons on the legs and, of course, the buzzsaw claws. Taipu himself is a nice design, showing that even in the age of machinery he’s bulked up to dig with the best of em. This guy is going to get some work done, enough for both him and Onepu!

    Takua’s Wild Adventure by Nuhvok_mok

    Takua's wild adventure

    Takua has always been one for adventuring, and this time he is well prepared. The backpack design and his various accessories do a really good job at showing off his profession, where it looks like he’ll even livestream his adventures. I also like the addition of the Tohunga-toes that were built into the feet (atop spiked snowshoes, of course.) Now he’s ready to do some exploring!

    PokeRahi! By Onuku

    BioCup Prelim - PokeRahi!

    Takua has got to catch them all, and he’s already got a good team started. Takua looks okay with his blue vest and Pokeball, but the real stars are the various Rahi. The Nui-Rama really captures the shape of the original even at such a small scale, and the face on the Muaka is extremely well done. The crab is cute, and I assume the fourth is a punchy Tarakava, which would make it the most abstract of the bunch. A bunch of nice small builds all come together to make an impressive collection.

    Kai the Angler by Iache

    Kai the Angler

    This is honestly one of my favorite entries in the contest so far. The outfit of this fisherman is just stellar, from the smooth yellow overalls to the Ruru shoulders to the thick watertight boots. The fishing pole is also remarkably well done, and the fish makes good use of only a few parts. And then there’s the bucket of squids to top it all off. A stellar creation right here!

    Kikanalo Smith and the 2021 Bio-Cup by MCLegoboy

    Kikanalo Smith and the 2021 Bio-Cup

    I can already hear the adventure music playing! This Po-Matoran adventure resembles a certain rugged archeologist from popular culture, and the likeliness is well captured. The character is a fairly basic design; they did some nice customizations of the Tohunga body, but nothing is too overly complex. But this is an example of where the scene really improves on the build, as the action pose sells this off, especially with the positioning of the whip. Another fun feature I liked was the Tohunga head buried within the flowers, which is a nice touch!

    Nuparu, Onu-Koro Heavyweight Champion

    Nuparu, Onu-Koro Heavyweight Champion

    This time, Nuparu has mastered a different kind of Boxor. He has a solid build, but the best part is definitely his boxing glove designs coupled with his fighting stance. The orange Kakama also works nicely. I’m sure this MOC will be a knockout!

    Rock'em Sock'em Nuparu by BuckaChew

    Rock'em Sock'em Nuparu

    There’s going to be a whole boxing tournament full of Nuparus, isn’t there? This variation has a clever torso build and really big and detailed boxing gloves, as well as an apparent action feature too. I’m sure he’s ready to knock his opponent’s mask off!

    King Kongu by Just Torp

    King Kongu

    Straight away, the name choice is super clever, and the build backs it up, with an ape-like design in the colors of the classic Le-Matoran. Of particular note is the use of the teal tiles to create a jagged, fur-like complexion on the limbs. The jungle scenery is another nice touch, as is the crushed spider, showing just how tough King Kongu really is!

    Monster Under My Bed by Geoff Gordon

    Monster under my bed

    This wasn’t quite a MOC I was expecting either. Tren Krom is adequately creepy as he invades Matoro’s room, possibly only doing so because it’s so cluttered. The brick built background works really well, and there are a lot of nice mini designs like the Rhoktuka fan and Evo action figure, as well as the bed in general. But the best part is definitely Matoro’s frightened eyes, especially with one bigger than the other. Impressive!

    The Red Axlotl Star by RiverOfarrows

    The Red Axlotl Star

    This MOC really sets up a scene. The various tubing is all nicely places, and the creepy red pod holding onto the Matoran body sells off the resurrection pod without even needing an explanation. Heck, I didn’t even realize it was a reference to the Red Star at first but I totally got the premise. Well done! Hope Macku grows back without any complications!

    Unit 0100110101001110 - Project Name: "Great Spirit" by NateMakesMOCs

    Unit 0100110101001110 - Project Name: "Great Spirit"

    I bet Matoro wasn’t expecting this when he went to meet the Great Spirit. The technical greeble attaching this white torso to the wall is very futuristic, and he looks all the more intimidating compared to the puny Toa minifigure. I particularly like the white tubing beneath the chest, makes some neat angles.

    Doctor Dume by mSquid

    Doctor Dume

    These are two characters that go so well together that I’m surprised I haven’t seen something like this before. The suit is very solid and easily recognizable as the comic book supervillain, and slapping on Dume’s mask at the top perfectly fits the role. The torso may seem a bit chubby, but it’s a smooth design and the Bohrok pieces as the belt are very clever.

    There have been some great entries, and I look forward to seeing who advances and what other cool creations they make in the next rounds. Stay tuned to BZPower for more featured MOCs from the contest!

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