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    Discuss This Story Hot Bionicle NewsThursday, June 10th, 2021 at 1:10am by Jason, BZPower Reporter

    The Preliminary round of Bio-Cup 2021 may be over, but we still have some MOCs to feature from the many amazing entries. This batch will focus more on Toa and Rahi remixes, of which there were many. Read on to see some of the amazing MOCs.

    Fire Shadow Trap by Aiden.Builds

    Fire Shadow Trap

    There are just some things you have to watch out for in Ta-Koro, like giant fire scorpion traps! There’s some nice textures in this model, from the Vakama masks on the legs to the Vladek mask on the stinger tail. Looks like someone already fell victim to this trap too; well at least they lost to such a well made creation.

    Gymbro Axonn by pierthviv


    Do you even lift, bro? Axonn does, and it’s super apparent from his muscles which are suitably on full display here, complete with what appears to be chest hair too. His well design physique is coupled with a few clever brick built pieces of gym equipment. And it helps that it looks like the MOC was photographed at a gym too, and the mirror gives off another angle to admire him by. Oh yes, Axonn very much works out!

    Umbruh by Iggs


    The name pun is quite witty, but the rest of this build also does a good job at recreating this side character. They even managed to capture the wonky color scheme of the original and still make it work. The jacket and pants are well done, but I am particularly impressed by the skates, with the wheels and shoelaces and everything. I expect he is as quick as light at the skate park.

    Lewa-T9 Gundam by Ron Folkers

    Lewa-T9 Gundam

    Who doesn’t appreciate a giant Lewa mech? The lime and teal color scheme really work well here, and the majestic pose helps too. It feels very much like a battle mech I’d expect to see in a space anime of some sort.

    EVA-KOPAKA by Obsessionist


    Get in the Kopaka robot, Shinji! At first glance, this looks like a pretty decent remix; it has the color scheme and mask design of our favorite Toa of Ice, as well as the lanky proportions we’d expect from an Evangelion Unit. However, looking a bit closer and you realize that this MOC is truly massive, making this build quite a feat in such a short time frame. And there are a lot of good design elements hidden throughout; the access panel on the upper back, the legacy Kopaka shields on the sides of the knees, the Visorak bodies across the chest, and the krana holders forming the abs. Perhaps this will be the giant robot that will save humanity from the Angels.

    Gali - Master of Barefoot Waterskiing by Ted Andes

    Gali - Master of Barefoot Waterskiing

    I’ll be perfectly honest; the Gali model itself seems pretty basic; it’s a solid build but fairly standard, although the use of the Akida helmet instead of a Kaukau is a nice touch. But what really impresses with this model is the posing, complete with the water effects made by the Vahki head pieces. It’s very apparent what this MOC is good at, and it’s barefoot waterskiing!

    Power Miners Onua by T. Jenson

    Power Miners Onua

    This seems like the very core concept of the theme of remixes, as this Toa totally fits in with the Power Miners theme. I like the piston-heavy torso, the custom-made dynamite, and the solid color scheme. The character is perhaps a step closer to Nuparu than Onua, but the Pakari mask still works well for this creature. That little rock monster is totally out of his league.

    Axalara Tractor9 by JimiFurno

    Axalara Tractor9

    Lewa just wants to go work down at the farm, and he’s got a shiny red tractor to help him out. It’s got a very solid and realistic looking design, but I still appreciate the Bionicle elements thrown in, like the Thornax launchers along the side or the red Bohrok shield on the top. Lewa looks suitably good in his overalls too. A solid imagining of a remixed Toa farmer.

    Retired Lewa Grazing his Kane-Ra

    Retired Lewa grazing his Kane-Ra

    Lewa certainly likes to farm, it seems. The Toa build here is pretty simple, but the extra belly design made using the Gen 2 Mask of Fire works here, as well as the yellow eyes. The Kane-Ra is another fun design; the sleeker appearance does make it look older and frailer than the original set, and the beard is a nice touch.

    Kane-Ra, the Corrupted Bull by Cody Avery

    Kane-Ra, the Corrupted Bull

    There is a reason Makuta used the Kane-Ra in his armies; they are super intimidating, at least if they look like this MOC. The body and legs are well designed with some interesting textures, but what really draws the eye are the massive horns and the masks that hang from them. Still, the head is quite detailed, and I like the inclusion of rings on the nose and down its front. You don’t want to cross this beast.

    Great Takea by optimus-convoy

    Great Takea

    We can always appreciate a good shark, and this Takea delivers. The silver shield elements do a good job at setting the body structure, and the various other silver elements and fins really sell the shark-like appearance. This would work well as a Bionicle shark or just a real work shark in general. Just hope the Jaws soundtrack doesn’t start playing.

    Lion Turtle Pewku by Tris Caulfield

    Lion Turtle Pewku (1)

    This is such a fun concept. The crab parts are well done, from the giant claws to the smooth face. The base of the body looks pretty simple but the scenic forest build atop it is superb. I expect this Ussal is wandering the world, probably teaching earth-bending to worthy folks.

    There have been some great entries, and I look forward to seeing who advances and what other cool creations they make in the next rounds. Stay tuned to BZPower for more featured MOCs from the contest!

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