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    LEGO created Bionicle to be a multimedia experience from the very start. To that end, they licensed rights for other types of media to various companies that are developing and marketing Bionicle-related games.

    Video Games

    • LEGO Bionicle: Tales of the Tohunga ? Follow the adventures of Takua the Chronicler as he helps prepare Mata Nui for the arrival of the Toa. (Gameboy Advance)

    • LEGO Bionicle: Matoran Adventures ? The sequel to Tales of the Tohunga is currently in development at Electronic Arts. Save Mata Nui from the Bohrok Swarms. (Gameboy Advance [2002], PlayStation 2 [2003], Nintendo GameCube [2003], and PC CD-ROM [2003])

    • Mata Nui Online Game ? Free Flash-based chapter game posted on

    Board Games
    • Bionicle: Quest for Makuta - B:QfM sends you on the path of first finding, and then defeating Makuta himself. Along the way you gather Kanohi, ally with Turaga and battle with Rahi.

    Card Games
    • Bionicle Trading Cards ? Each game includes Toa, Tohunga and Turaga cards, 2 BIONICLE masks, ancient map of Mata Nui, Great Mask cards and much more. Collect all 3 games.

    • Bohrok Swarm Trading Card Pack - Challenge the Bohrok and uncover the Great Masks of Power! Collect all three packs ? red, blue, and green.
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