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    Discuss This Story ReviewFriday, June 13th, 2003 at 1:33am by Rich, BZPower Administrator

    The first look

    Takanuva Box Takanuva, perhaps the most desired set of the year, was finally released at LEGO S@H two days ago (by phone only). Earlier today, he arrived at my door. What follows is a complete photographic review of the set that holds the Toa of Light.

    Takanuva Instructions Obviously when you get a brand new set, the first thing you see is the box. The Takanuva box is different than all Bionicle boxes we have seen thus far. While the size if familiar, the design of the box is different. Rather than the traditional gray, the box is black, with the Mask of Light and Mask of Shadows in a crisp blue color. Takanuva is shown with the Ussanui standing on that stump of dirt we saw on the Rahkshi CDs. The rear of the box shows how the Ussunui changes from resting to flying position.

    Inside the box you find the pieces in sealed polybags, the instructions, an application for a S@H catalog, and a small insert catalog. The instructions are shown below. This set includes instructions to build the Takutanuva, a combination of Makuta and Takanuva. This set combination will also be available as a Toys R Us exclusive around September 1st, according to a LEGO official. The TRU exclusive set will also include Takutanuva's mask, which will be exclusive to that set.

    Takutanuva Instructions

    Upon opening the polybags, the first items that stuck out at me were the masks. There are three Kanohi in this set: The Gold Avohkii, a Dark Gray Hau Mask, and a little surprise.

    Mask of Light Dark Gray Hau Clear Avohkii

    There is a Clear Avohkii included in this set. While the base color is clear like Kopaka's Kaukau, this particular mask is sparkled with a gold touch. I am not entirely sure what power this hold or what the intent of the mask is, but I will find out. Stay tuned to BZP for more on this mask. The Dark gray Hau is used in the front of the Ussanui.

    Takanuva and his ride

    Takanuva pose

    The set is packaged uniquely, which makes for an easy build. Takanuva and the Ussanui are packaged independently of each other for the most part. I decided to build Takanuva first. He is almost completely white short of his gold armor and mask. His eyes are a translucent yellow, the exact same color as Gali�s eyes. (Gali is NOT the ToL). In his hands he holds the Staff of Light, through which he can direct his powers. The staff also connects to his back in the event he wants to ride on the Ussanui or just doesn�t feel like holding it anymore.

    Takanuva Riding

    The bulk of your time constructing this set will be spent building the Ussanui. The Ussanui is just the perfect size for Takanuva, His hands fit exactly into sizes, and he is able to hold onto the Ussanui very tightly with the pegs included on his hands. Ussanui exists in two modes. First is the standing mode, in which Ussanui rests firmly on the ground. Then with the flick of a lever, the Ussanui immediately changes into �flight� mode as both the landing fins shift into upward position. Once this happens, Takanuva is ready to cruise on the Ussanui.

    Fly Mode

    Top View

    One oddity is that the Ussanui contains exactly six Kraata holders. One would think that because the Ussanui holds exactly six Kraata, you are supposed to store one of each kind of Kraata in each holster, or perhaps one Kraata from each Rahkshi, but it could just be a coincidence since the six holders fit perfectly, and any more or any less could have made the Ussanui look odd.

    In conclusion, I must say that this is a fantastic set, especially for the price. I can easily see a set like this selling for $40, if not more. The build, the rare pieces, the exclusive masks, and the key storyline around this set make it a must have for any Bionicle fan. After you buy the Rahkshi, you should save your money to buy this set next.

    Out of a possible 10 with 10 being the highest, I give this set a 9/10. As someone that owns every Bionicle set, I can say this set is one of the few that I can honestly give such a high score to.

    Gold Avohkii on Black

    Congratulations LEGO, you have made a fantastic set that many Bionicle fans will enjoy.

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