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    The Ultimate Bionicle Retail Experience: FAO Schwarz, NYC
    ReviewSaturday, July 12th, 2003 at 6:33pm by Rich, BZPower Administrator


    FAO Schwarz is one of the most famous toy stores in the world. Their flagship store is located on 5th Avenue in New York City. Today I decided to visit this fantastic store, and took pictures of the LEGO displays for you to enjoy. Read on if you want to be impressed.


    FAO is a store more about display and presentation rather than price. Everything in the store is marked up about 10-20 percent, but the atmosphere in the store makes up for inflated prices. Gigantic models, glorious display cases, and abundance of rare toys are scattered throughout the store.


    The LEGO section has displays of items as well. One of the displays I was impressed with was called �LEGO Rocks� This display is made up of three life-size LEGO models that actually sing and move around. They put on a vocal presentation for you while you shop.

    As far as the actual Bionicle section is concerned, it is very extensive.

    There are six display bubbles in the Bionicle section, one for each Bionicle coloring. Below is an image of the Red bubble.


    Each bubble is embedded in the wall and can be viewed as you enter the Bionicle section. Shown below, the Bionicle section is like a vault.


    As you walk in, there is a giant TV set that is talking about the Bionicle storyline right ahead of you. To the left is a whole wall of Nike Bionicle sneakers. To the right are the Bionicle sets themselves. In the middle there are two plush chairs with the Bionicle Nike logo on them that are used to try on the sneakers.


    Hundreds of Kal are on the shelves along with older models such as the Rahi and Exo as pictured.


    Those Kal shown on the shelves are not even a dent in the amount they had. There was also another section in the main aisle that had about a hundred more. What do you think; do you think I was crazy enough to look though each and every one of those cans? Absolutely, and it paid off.


    After looking though all those Kal sets featured in the image, I decided to look in the Kal on the main aisle. Sure enough, I found a White Metal Krana-Kal in a Tahnok-Kal set without a CD. It�s a very nice feeling finally finding a WMKK after looking through so many at one time.

    So not only does FAO have a brilliant presentation, nice location, and upscale prices, they also had a hidden metal Krana. The experience of visiting such a store is something every Bionicle fan must enjoy.

    FAO Schwarz on Fifth Avenue in New York is perhaps one of the nicest attractions this city has to offer for the LEGO enthusiast. I hope everyone gets a chance to experience it at least once in his or her lifetime.

    Discuss This Story

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