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    Discuss This Story Hot Bionicle NewsMonday, July 18th, 2022 at 12:28am by Jason, BZPower Reporter

    Our coverage of Bio-Cup 2022 Round Two continues. It was a small enough batch of MOCs that we'll cover the rest of them today, focusing on the numbered subthemes 5 through 9. There were some cool MOCs here, click to see more of them.

    Demons to Some, Angels to Others by gk 733
    Subtheme: Six

    Demons to some, Angels to others.

    This is a very imposing character, and the capes give his torso excellent shaping. The cubes in his hand and at his feet help tie into the theme, but the eye catching part is obviously the spiked head. Real neat.

    Rice Raider by Sullivan R
    Subtheme: Six

    Rice Raider

    We again return to insects with six legs. The weevil has some interesting personality built into its face, and the ace flyer has some smooth designs.

    Six Flags by buttloaf builds
    Subtheme: Six

    Six Flags

    This is a very create take on the number, with a roller coaster dragon. The somewhat gappy structure actually ties in well for the build of a roller coaster, and the carts moving down the back are nice. (Plus, the aforementioned six flags on the back tie things together nicely.)

    Septum: Asset-07 by Cody Avery
    Subtheme: Seven

    Septum: Asset-07

    Another MOC is showing off its innards to us, and the lavender highlights help give some subtle color to this beast. Although I think my favorite part is the white banana spikes on his staff.

    Libra Dragon by Woomy World
    Subtheme: Seven

    Libra Dragon

    This is a super creative dragon based on the Libra sign. It has great color blocking, a fabulous and expressive face, and very puffy clouds, which all make this a lovely MOC.

    Unlucky Seven-League Boots by Brick Brickolson
    Subtheme: Seven

    Unlucky seven-league boots

    Alas, the winner of the Sevens is the unluckiest of them. The Monkey has a lot of cool design to give him personality, from his sash to his rocket boots, but the dynamic pose of the scene is what really sells this.

    "Stop insisting Pluto, you're out! It's only the 8 of us now." by pierthviv
    Subtheme: Eight

    "Stop insisting Pluto, you're out! It's only the 8 of us now."

    You hear about Pluto? That's really messed up how they're not including him anymore. Still, I really enjoy the various MOCs representing the planets, with some of the larger ones featuring rings and moons of their own. The earth character is the most distinctive with the oceans and forests depicted. A great group shot.

    1988 Gordge Volonte SS by Ryan Z
    Subtheme: Eight

    1988 Gordge Volonte SS

    A clever way to use the number 8 is to incorporate it into the V8 engine. The motorized unicycle looks very smooth and powerful, and the rider has great personality for someone driving this type of vehicle.

    IX - The Hermit by Ted Andes
    Subtheme: Nine

    IX - The Hermit.

    This guy is a bit simple but makes excellent uses of the parts. From the base to the star in the lantern to the backwards gorilla head as the hood, there's a lot to like here.

    Warden of the Nine Circles by VelociJACKtor
    Subtheme: Nine

    Warden of the Nine Circles

    I'm sure this guy isn't happy to be in a fiery hell, but the presentation is great, with the red dragon wings really selling the mood.

    That's it for Bio-Cup Round Two, but stay tuned to BZPower to see more MOCs as the contest begins to wrap up. There are a lot of impressive MOCs being entered this year for sure. I wonder who'll win the top spot?

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