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    Discuss This Story OpinionTuesday, January 10th, 2023 at 5:21am by Jason, BZPower Reporter

    The Best Toa Bracket has been up for about 10 days and we've gotten 102 responses in that time, with a nice indication of what Toa people like. The rounds are still ongoing, but I thought I'd take some time to highlight a few of the match-ups and see what the results are like so far. Of course, it is still early on and many of these could change in the coming weeks, but I'll be interested to watch the progress all the same. Read on for my takes.


    Round 1 Commentary 1 View 1

    The first option seems like a pretty clear choice. Tahu Mata has been the face of the theme since the beginning, and is the most owned Toa set on Brickset. Matoro and Gali are on the board but are unlikely to overtake him.

    Round 1 Commentary 1 View 2

    In the first round, this was the only option that has different variations of a character facing off against one another, in the form of Lewa Mata vs Lewa Phantoka. The original Lewa has a clear lead here, probably thanks to nostalgia that most of the Mata benefit from.


    Round 1 Commentary 1 View 3

    Iruini as a set has been well liked in the community, featuring a great armored use of the Metru form. But he is sweeping the competition, likely due to the underwhelming Tahu Mistika and the appeared-in-a-set-but-forgot-he-had-a-name Perditus. At the moment, Perditus only has three votes, the least amount for any single entry.

    Round 1 Commentary 1 View 4

    Another Toa Mata sweeps it away as Kopaka beats out both Takanuva Stars and Gali Mistika. The latter two are both fairly weak sets (Gali currently only managing 5 votes) and the simple but nostalgic design of Kopaka makes him the likely victor here.


    Round 1 Commentary 1 View 5

    This round was the only one to feature two Toa from the same wave against one another in the form of Vakama Hordika and Onewa Hordika. (This is fitting as the two characters butted heads a lot in the story too.) But the two of them are being swept away by a surprising wildcard, the fan built Toa Krakua. Krakua got ranked at the bottom due to his non-set status, but was included in the competition because he could technically still be built... and it may be to his advantage, because he's likely to make it to the next round.

    Round 1 Commentary 1 View 6

    It looked like the lower ranked Toa Ignika will be beating out Kopaka Nuva and Hahli Inika. However, this is one of the instances where ranking the sets by most owned is slightly flawed. Toa Ignika was in a more expensive set than most of the Toa, which generally are less owned. But his likability still pushes him to the top with a comfortable lead.

    Round 1 Commentary 1 View 7

    Another larger set that was pushed down in the rankings was the large 2008 Takanuva set, but he is crushing the competition here against Onua Nuva and Gresh Stars. (Poor Gresh only has four votes.) In this case, the more complicated Karda Nui build looks likely to win out against what came before and after it.


    Round 1 Commentary 1 View 8

    Strangely enough in this setup, Tahu is trailing far behind. More interesting is the fact that Onewa Metru and Kopaka Master of Ice are very close in the race for first place, with Kopaka only having a mere seven extra votes. This is one that could easily go either way.

    Round 1 Commentary 1 View 9

    This one is an interesting match from very different eras and has some closer votes than most. Nokama Metru is current holding the lead, but Pohatu Phantoka and Lewa Uniter are not far behind, and I could see them potentially overtaking her before the month is over.

    Round 1 Commentary 1 View 10

    This currently appears to be the closest three way tie in the bracket so far, pitting Tahu Stars against Matau Hordika and Onua Uniter. I wouldn't consider any of them to be a top tier set that could win the whole thing, but up against one another they are more equally balanced, so this will be a fun one to watch. Currently Matau has the lead by five votes, but that can easily change.

    Round 1 Commentary 1 View 11

    This last entry is not as close as the previous, but still a far more even split than most. Hewkii Inika and Tarix are up against the Helryx MOC, with Hewkii currently holding the lead. The way things are set up, these are more bottom tier Toa, but people aren't as decisive about them so it's possible these rankings could change in the future.

    That's all for now. I'll check back on some of these before the end of the month to see what changes, if any, appear in the voting. For the full breakdown you can view the results page on Google to see how all the Toa are doing. Which match-ups are you most interested in? Let us know in the talkback topic. And make sure to come back in February when the winners move onto the second round.

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