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    New Set Review: 8621 Dume and Nivawk
    ReviewWednesday, June 9th, 2004 at 1:02am

    The big summer 2004 sets have hit LEGO Shop@Home and the LEGO Brand Stores, and will soon be making their way to a toy store near you. BZPower guest reviewer Golden Kanohi is kind enough to share his thoughts and pictures on these new sets, starting with the leader of all of Metru-Nui, Turaga Dume, and his faithful Rahi Nivawk.

    Item Number:8621
    Set Name:Turaga Dume & Nivawk

    One of the things that's likely to grab your attention from looking at the box is that Dume has a new two-toned mask, the Kanohi Kiril, the Noble Mask of Regeneration, but more on that later on.

    The back of the box illustrates Dume's ability to go in and out of Nivawk's harness, as well as an illustration that shows that Dume, Nivawk, Nidhiki, and Krekka all combine into Ultimate Dume, which I will also be doing a review of in a bit.

    As you may have noticed in the picture of the back of the box, lacking the push tabs that they once had, these boxes are now a lot harder to open� The above shows my result with a large pair of scissors. I ended up having the same difficulty with Nidhiki, but Krekka's box opened easily.

    Looking at the actual set's parts, you notice two main things (aside from a lot of silver):
    1: The Kanohi Kiril
    2: A New Ball Joint

    The new ball joint is similar to the current one in connection point, except that the top connection point is rotated up, so a plus rod comes straight in. However, it also has rubber running along the outside and inside, creating a very stable joint due to the traction given within the joint.

    The construction of Nivawk is rather simple, although not exactly straightforward. The small bendable silver rods are put to good use to make his wings have an easy-to-activate spring effect, as shown below.

    Dume himself is constructed the same as a Metruan, with the exception of the arms and legs, which are replaced with red Bohrok limbs. Obviously, the fascinating part about Dume is the Kanohi Kiril, which is the first Noble Mask to feature the plus rod attachment. I have included a picture of Dume displaying his mask below.

    Dume fits easily and securely into Nivawk's harness once you figure out where he goes, as it doesn't show it in great detail in the instructions, but there is actually a spot meant to secure Dume's head from swinging, as well as a perfectly sized place for his body. Posing Nivawk with Dume in him is difficult, as Dume's legs tend to get in the way of the Takanuva staffs on Nivawk's legs, but they are easy to maneuver around.

    All in all, the Turaga of Metru-Nui possesses a cool unique mask, his steed is stable and has very neat spring action wings, and they interlock well, adding up to a very well designed set and an addition to any collector or casual fan.

    Discuss This Story

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