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    "Ultimate Dume" Review
    ReviewTuesday, June 15th, 2004 at 1:56am

    Ultimate Dume - Combination of Dume, Nivawk, Nidhiki, and Krekka

    To wrap up guest reviewer Golden Kanohi's small series of guest reviews, we have the big hulking, and often called "ugly" combiner, Ultimate Dume.

    Ultimate Dume is a lot more stable than he looks, and far less ugly when his mouth is closed. Building him takes a very long time compared to the sets because you need to juggle through piles of parts to find pieces, unless the set of origin is obvious (i.e. blue parts must be from Krekka).

    Ultimate Dume's pose-ability is very limited due to the construction of the hip joints, although I've found it can easily be fixed by just disconnecting the black Rahkshi leg from the legs, and the combiner still remains rather stable. The wings also pose problems, as the can't go any lower than I have them pictured due to the placement of their joints, although this one can't easily be fixed with a bit of piece changing.

    The focus of the combiner is obviously the hands, as they are not only the only non-symmetrical part of Ultimate Dume, but also very pose-able compared to the rest of the model. The "Dume Hand" is very well articulated, is you can obviously see, and it can easily grip a Toa Metru or Vahki. The "Takanuva Hand" is far less articulated and secure, although it can still grip a Toa Metru with relative ease.

    Thanks for putting up with me in my short time reviewing here at BZP, I hope I gave you a good look into the new sets, whether you're waiting for them in the mail from S@H, hoping for them on your next birthday, or if you're simply waiting for them to arrive in a store near you.

    See you on the forums,
    Golden Kanohi

    Discuss This Story

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