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    Set 8811 Review: Lhikan and Kikanalo
    ReviewFriday, November 12th, 2004 at 1:30am by Kelly, BZPower Co-Owner

    This new set, available exclusively through Toys 'R Us and LEGO Shop at Home, is starting to hit the shelves around the world. It features one of the heroes of the second Bionicle movie and his trusty "steed" - a Kikanalo Rahi beast. Toa Lhikan has caught the imagination of BZP members - does the set live up to expectations?

    Set 8811 Box Front   Set 8811 Box Back

    The USD$29.99 set contains both Toa Lhikan and a Kikanalo beast. There's no alternate model, but for such a specialized set, that's not really an issue. The gold box is bright and distinctive from all the other 2004 Bionicle set boxes, which helps set it apart.

    And it should be set apart. It's the best Bionicle set of 2004.

    Set 8811 Parts

    The set contains 214 pieces (see above). The most obvious pieces are Lhikan's two swords, which combine into a surfboard shown in the movie. The two halves are identical, and fit together nicely (see below). The rest of the pieces are used in other sets, although Lhikan's armor is an attractive gold color - a lot like bronze, actually, although with more luster. It's very reminiscent of the original (plastic) gold Kanohi from Krana packs in 2002.

    Toa Lhikan Surboard

    Two Chronicler's Staffs, originally available only as promotional items in Europe, are also included.

    Toa Lhikan's construction is straightforward - he's a Toa. His main body parts are colored the same as Vakama (as fits a Toa from Ta-Metru), but the detail connectors are different, as obviously are his gold armor pieces. His surfboard is very nearly as tall as he is, making it one of the most massive Toa tools yet seen.

    Toa Lhikan set

    Kikanalo is an entirely new model, and he's impressive. The leg construction is sturdy, and uses a curved Rahkshi back piece as the thigh. The entire construction is very organic.

    Kikanalo leg

    The body is also well constructed, and the torso connects each leg using two ball and socket joints, making it far more sturdy than the single-socket Toa.

    Kikanalo torso

    Once constructed, the horned beast rears up on its hind legs and balances with its long tail. The horn, tail, scythed head, and fearsome claws together add up to a fierce predator in appearance. Its eyes use red Bohrok eyetooth pieces, so for once the box art is appropriate to the product. Kika is very poseable as well, especially the tail.

    Set 8811 Kikanalo

    Standing next to Toa Lhikan, the beast is impressive but not towering. Lhikan can sit astride Kikanalo securely, although Kika's foreclaws have trouble actually reaching the ground as a quadruped.

    Toa Lhikan astride Kikanalo

    When compared to the movie version of Kikanalo, the set is extraordinarily close. The set design and moviemakers obviously worked closely on the creature's design. Where the masks and design of the Toa have been understandably modified to meet the demands of a motion picture, the Kikanalo design retains its clearly LEGO parts. It's not as big in comparison to the Toa, but it's certainly big enough to carry a passenger.

    Matau on Kikanalo

    To wrap up, this set is most definitely worth the $30 price tag. Its direct tie to the movie, great new surfboard parts, gold armor, and Chronicler's Staffs alone make the price worthwhile, and it's genuinely a very good set. Make this one part of your holiday gift list.

    Toa Lhikan and Kikanalo

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