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    Set Review: 8733 Axonn
    ReviewSaturday, February 4th, 2006 at 11:55pm by Andrew, BZPower News Manager
    [Source: Toa Tilius]

    Today we bring you the next of this year's set reviews. Not even available in the US yet, we have a review of the titan-sized Axonn, kindly brought to BZPower by Reference Keeper Toa Tilius. Read on and decide for yourself whether or not to purchase this new set. Don't forget to thank Toa Tilius while you're at it!

    The the most superficial part of any LEGO product, but the one that often determines whether or not the set is a success or failure.

    Well, this artwork certainly jumps out at you. It's very similar to the Piraka and Matoran boxes, though rather more powerful, with a layer of lava and rocks behind Axonn.

    On the reverse is some neat artwork of Axonn in a heroic pose, with Brutaka's shadow behind him. The instructions for the combiner model at the bottom of the box will, sadly, only be online.

    So you've bought it and taken it home (or at least made it to the car), punched the perforated tabs and dump out the contents.  What do you get for your money?

    Well, it's the usual instruction booklet, and three bags of pieces. The instructions have Vezon and Fenrakk in the back, along with the Piraka, Brutaka and the combiner.

    Here's where we start to cut to the heart of the matter.  You didn't buy this box for all the glossy booklets & creative artwork.  You want to know about the LEGO bricks & bits that are included, and what (if any) new & interesting parts you'll find inside.  Here's also where I'll talk about any new and/or interesing pieces that you will encounter.

    There's a decent selection of parts in here. New parts include Axonn's mask, a 'tube', Axonn's axe blades and a red Piraka body. All the red in the set is Metru red, too.

    There is also a new ball-joint. It�s similar to the regular joint, but with a hole through it for + rods. There's also a new '5'ish rod with a circle at the end, which restricts to rod from being pulled out the other way.

    The armour included is also a sort of pearl. Above is a comparison between the pearl armour on the left, and the regular armour on the right.

    What can you expect while putting this model together?

    The building didn't take very long for a set of this price. Axonn is a basic Toa with a Piraka body, more armour and a whopping great axe. I still think the set is great, but I expected more parts and an overall larger model.

    So you've got the model together, but is it more like playing with a block of wood or an interactive toy?

    It may surprise you to hear that Axonn actually has no axonn, sorry, action feature. While some may dislike this, I think it�s a step in the right direction. It means the figure can be posed more, and, in my opinion, have more playability.

    Axonn's back, as with most sets, is nothing too special. I might have liked some armour on here though, such as a Metru Matoran body. Cleverly, the rubber bar at the neck actually keeps the shoulder armour in place.

    You may be worried that the tubes that run from the heel to above the knee would restrict that Axonn's leg posibility. These actually help Axonn's knee to be sturdy enough to hold the rest of his body. The pipes can use the new '5' rod to lower or heighten Axonn's stance.

    Like this, Axonn's knee is bent.

    And like this, he is stood straight up. This is how Axonn compares to a Toa Nuva when his leg tubes are fully extended.

    Here's where it all boils down to whether the model is worth your money and time or not.

    This guy is pretty cool. The only thing that bothers me is his overall size. I just don't think the size is good enough for a set of this price. Other than that, though, there's little to complain about. He is really quite posable, and is pretty fun to pose, too. As you can see, as Axonn goes all 'King Kong' on the equally brilliant #8877 Vladek's Dark Fortress.

    I'm pretty fond of Axonn, and, although I can see a few people disliking him, once you have the set, I think you'll change your mind. I'd personally like to see him stay with the Toa Nuva throughout the next few years.

    Also, check out my Brickshelf for more pictures, and feel free to ask any questions in the Talkback topic.

    Thanks again Toa Tilius, keep checking for more reviews so you can make an educated choice in your 2006 set purchases.

    Discuss This Story

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