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    Set Review: 6620 500 Piece Ultimate Accessory Set
    ReviewSaturday, June 3rd, 2006 at 10:19pm by Andrew, BZPower News Manager
    [Source: Toa Tilius]

    When the new 500 Piece Ultimate Accessory Set was released a few weeks ago in Britain and elsewhere, we promised you a review. It took a little longer than expected, but here it is. Brought to you by BZPower Reference Team member Toa Tilius, the review allows you to see the kind of pieces you can expect to find inside. Read on to learn about the great addition to any MOCer's collection.

    Tub Front

    The tub itself is about the same shape as the other UK 500 piece tub, and, obviously, also has 500 pieces. The label art I find pretty cool, with different parts and weapons lying on a sort of sand landscape with a blue tint. It also points out that there aren't any instructions, which isn't entirely true.

    500 Tub Contents

    Once you've peeled off the tape, unscrewed the tub's lid and poured everything out, you find that the parts are very much Vahki or Rahkshi-based. There are also a Vahki instruction booklet and a Kanoka code...thing, along with silver Rahkshi backs, different spine designs, weaponry and heads, and other Rahkshi and Vahki parts, including several orange Kraata. And these little fellows:

    500 Tub Kraata

    Yes indeed - seven Shadow Kraata. I'm not entirely sure if you get random Kraata levels in each tub, but even so, I'm certain a lot of collectors will be very pleased with this. Except the people who have spent a lot of time and money trying to get these little guys. Sure to be slightly annoying for them. As I said before, they're accompanied by five orange Turahk Kraata too, and are likely to be the main selling/trading point for buyers.

    500 Tub New Silver

    The Rahkshi and Vahki weapons come in both the old, more metallic, silver and in the new, pearly silver. In the above image, the tool on the far left is old silver, whilst the others are in the new silver. I'm not entirely sure why, though.

    500 Tub Bag Contents

    Inside the four bagged sections are you normal little bits and bobs, such as connector pins and Bohrok teeth. I was slightly annoyed by the small amount of Technic Rods in the set, as it makes it harder to build anything of any real good using only the tub. The tub seems to be more of a spare part and weaponry collection for use with existing parts.

    500 Tub Rhotuka

    The set includes twenty-five Rhotuka spinners - twenty in silver (with codes), one in brown and silver, and red, white, brown and green spinners, which is quite handy if you lose your spinners and missed out on the Rhotuka packs last year.


    The tub is certainly worth the money, with the Shadow Kraata being the highlight of the set for collectors. As for MOCers, this set may be useful for extra tools and spare parts, but on its own you can't really build anything of much good, or at least I can't. But I'd never call myself a good MOCer, so I'll leave you to decide.

    As a regular, set-buying fan, I'd probably recommend getting another set, such as Axonn or Brutaka, but, if you do like to collect or MOC, then this set will probably come in quite useful.

    I hope you enjoyed this review and found it helpful. Be sure to thank Toa Tilius for taking the time to buy and review the tub. We still have a few more sets to go, so keep checking back as we push towards our goal of reviewing every 2006 set!

    Discuss This Story

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