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    ReviewSaturday, July 6th, 2002 at 10:39am by Mike E., KP Founder

    As previously reported on in this article, the Toa Nuva have risen from the Protodermis and onto LEGO Shop@Home. European versions of the S@H web site indicate two of the Nuva are currently available: 8566 Onua Nuva and 8567 Lewa Nuva. Thinking it may only have been a programming error, a lucky few Kanohi-Power staff sent in orders to see if this was too good to be true.

    We are happy to announce that these two Nuva are indeed shipping, and on Friday morning (yesterday) the UK Parcel Post Service dropped off a box containing the Nuva from the order that we placed online.

    Lewa Nuva Shop@Home Box

    As many of you are aware, some Kanohi-Power staff members already have a copy of Onua Nuva, which is due for release in Fall 2002 (September in Europe) thanks to LEGO Public Relations. Please see previous articles on Kanohi-Power and BionicleZone Community about Onua Nuva Reviews. A list of these are below

    Now onto Lewa Nuva: as before, the Nuvas come in a new-style container which is transparent like the Bohrok cans. The canister tops have Technic axle holes like the Toa cans from 2001, in which you can hook up to six Krana or Kanohi. But the main reason for the tops is the addition of six new Kanohi Nuva, which appear to be replacing the current 8559 Krana Packs. There are also two unknown posts as well in the middle of the canister top.

    Lewa Nuva Cans
    Lewa Nuva Can Top

    So after ripping the seals off on the side of the can and tipping the continents into a tidy pile, we have a selection of parts that we've already seen in the building of Lewa. However, with the new line-up there have been some major changes to the body limbs, and new tools/weapons (see below). The next photo shows the contents of an opened 8567 Lewa Nuva.

    Lewa Nuva Parts

    As shown in the image above, all of the new Toa Nuva come with a new body limb, in which the legs are bent at an angle from the knee. This is handy if you want to give your Toa or new MOCs a better and organic look.

    Lewa Nuva Legs

    As shown by Dimensioneer in his review of 8556 Onua Nuva on we see the new armour parts that are the main differences (along with their Kanohi Nuva) in the Toa Nuva. Bear in mind the color is a metalic grey, which goes along with the story of Protodermis.

    Lewa Nuva Armour

    At last - an image of the new blades for Lewa Nuva. These blades currently have two uses in the Bionicle storyline: Lewa Nuva uses them for chopping and cutting, and if needed can use them for flying, to get to troubled areas a lot faster than swinging in the trees.

    Lewa Nuva Swords

    The Kanohi Nuva are quite interesting, and a wonderful feature of the Nuva. This makes Lewa Nuva a really good model, as his Kanohi Nuva stands out. On Nuva Pakari the first thing that will strike you is that it's enormous... and the Miru Nuva has teeth! Take a look at the Miru Nuva next to the original Miru:

    Lewa Nuva Kanohi

    After just a few minutes we have built a new Lewa Nuva, who is ready to take on the new enemies of Mata Nui and progress the Bionicle story into 2003 and beyond.

    Lewa Nuva Pose 1
    Lewa Nuva Pose 2

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