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    Set Review: 20005 Klakk
    ReviewSunday, December 21st, 2008 at 2:58pm by Andrew, BZPower News Manager
    [Source: Kohaku]

    For today's set review we go back to 2008. Now sharp readers will have noticed that we've covered all the canister sets, Matoran, and Titans, so what's left to review? Well BZPower Blog Assistant Kohaku is a BrickMaster subscriber, which means he has the exclusive Klakk set and has kindly reviewed it for us all. So read on to see what this little guy is all about!

    From the design of the box to the instruction manual, these are the first things you see before building the set.

    TN 20005 Klakk 01

    Well, to start off you need to know how to get the Klakk. For that you have to be a BrickMaster subscriber, which means this is an exclusive set that you won't find in stores. As such, for those BrickMaster subscribers they get a set with every issue in their mailbox. And so starts the tale of the first BrickMaster exclusive Bionicle set.

    Now most BrickMaster sets come in small bags, the Klakk is no exception, the image really isn't impressive compared to other sets, like the Matoran for example. Honestly, it could have been better, much better. It seems like they tried to make the Klakk seem menacing, when it is far from having a menacing look.

    TN 20005 Klakk 02

    The back of the package has images of the six Matoran from the year, and another image of the Klakk as well as the usual warning and gibberish no one actually reads.

    Half the fun is had building the set. How fun is it to build and how easy or challenging is it?

    TN 20005 Klakk 03 TN 20005 Klakk 04

    Inside the bag, we get treated to the parts and a smaller bag filled with pins and rods. Sadly, yes we have the horrible reds and blues in such a simple set as the Klakk.

    TN 20005 Klakk 06 TN 20005 Klakk 07

    The instruction booklet is simple, what you'd come to expect from standard sets. Plus some advertisements for the Phantoka and... the Lego Club. Funny, I thought that BrickMaster was a more advanced form of the Lego Club.

    TN 20005 Klakk 08

    The build of the little bird is straight forward, simple, and really boring. It builds like a Matoran without limbs...

    TN 20005 Klakk 09

    ...and instead of limbs it has those horrible new claws.

    TN 20005 Klakk 10 TN 20005 Klakk 11 TN 20005 Klakk 12

    Set Design
    Now that the set is complete, we can critique how it looks from every angle. New or interesting pieces can also be examined here.

    TN 20005 Klakk 05

    The only really interesting pieces are the rocket boosters and these ugly newer claws. Seriously, the two older versions of claws looked much better than these. These claws have an odd shape, which I really can't stand. Not even Wolverine would approve of them.

    TN 20005 Klakk 18
    Disco Klakk

    Overall, the set has good balance and depending how you stand it up, it doesn't fall over often. So, while I don't like these newer claws they are an important part of the set, with the older styles of claws the Klakk would have trouble standing.

    TN 20005 Klakk 19 TN 20005 Klakk 20

    The overall body is simple, thin, and uninteresting. It is close to a Toa body, however it is built more like a Matoran. The silver piece on the back looks tacked on to add a small amount of thickness. Lego, I'm sure you can do better.

    TN 20005 Klakk 21

    There is also the head, you can see the gray rod that attaches the boosters. I'm not a fan of that, it just doesn't look good.

    TN 20005 Klakk 22

    The wing design is my favorite part about the set, you have a ton of freedom with how you decide to move them. The design is simple, but effective.

    TN 20005 Klakk 23 TN 20005 Klakk 24 TN 20005 Klakk 25

    TN 20005 Klakk 26 TN 20005 Klakk 27

    The other half of the fun is in playing with the set. How well does the set function and is it enjoyable to play with?

    TN 20005 Klakk 13

    Surprisingly, the set has some neat posability... but not enough to really make it worth any note, it does have eleven points of articulation. The wings each have three points on them. The only thing I really liked about playing with it is the way the wings could move. They are very adjustable, and the highlight of the set.

    TN 20005 Klakk 14

    The head can turn and look forward, but looks really horrible with the silver blade and rocket boosters sticking out of its head.

    Final Thoughts
    Once it's all said and done, how does the set stack up? Should I get it?

    Overall, the set is uninteresting and very boring. I had expected better, the color scheme is an absolute mess. White, silver, grey, and black. It looks really horrible, especially with the colored blue pins and red axles. Honestly, the white could have been black... or the black could have been white. I would have liked perhaps some white and silver wings, which would have been neat. Perhaps, some more exclusive piece could have been used? Something to make the set feel... more unique, I'm sure that just from looking at the pictures many of you can build this set.

    TN 20005 Klakk 15

    The set feels like it could have been better in multiple ways. I, personally, can't stand those claws, even though they do kinda work for the Klakk. Overall, if you got BrickMaster, I hope you got it for the combined amount of content. The Klakk is an ok set, but it could have been so much more.

    TN 20005 Klakk 16

    What's to like?

    • An Exclusive set, only those lucky BrickMaster subscribers can get this!
    • Some good posability, overall and especially on the wings.
    • Eleven points of articulation. Three points on each wing.
    • It makes for a great parking space for the Axalara T9!
    • Wings are awesome.

    What's not to like?

    • It is an exclusive set, meaning only those who can afford BrickMaster can get it.
    • Mostly boring set design
    • Ugly claws
    • Color scheme... well, it sucks.
    • No action features.
    • Incredibly simple build.
    • Easily obtained pieces

    TN 20005 Klakk 17
    Boom goes the rahi.

    So, sure I have more things that I don't like, but as a BrickMaster set, it is ok compared to the others, not my favorite BrickMaster set of the bunch. It seems more like it was an afterthought and just didn't seem to compare to previous sets this year. Of course it is a bit better than the Matoran this year, just not too much. Honestly, if you get Brickmaster, get it for the combined content, don't let one set, Bionicle or not, sway your decision to get the service.

    Although, I feel bad for Leigh Gallagher, he had to draw the Klakk in such painstaking detail.

    And that is Klakk, for better or worse. Be sure to thank Kohaku for the review and be sure to keep checking back for 2009 set reviews and the latest Bionicle news!

    Discuss This Story

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