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    Discuss This Story ReviewSaturday, September 12th, 2009 at 7:50pm by Andrew, BZPower News Manager
    [Source: Hahli Husky]

    It's review time again! Today BZPower Forum Leader Hahli Husky takes a look at the Kaxium V3. How does this motorcycle stack up compared to other sets from this year? Read on to see what she thought!

    From the design of the box to the instruction manual, these are the first things you see before building the set.

    TN 8993 Kaxium V3 01

    The Kaxium V3 is presented at a pretty dynamic angle, blasting over the barren wasteland and firing at an unseen foe. It put my mind into the "cool cool cool buy it buy it buy it" phase, thus I figure it's a successful design.

    TN 8993 Kaxium V3 02

    On the back, Scodonius and Kirbraz are shown standing beside their respective bikes, which are unattached. The Kaxium is also shown from above, just making it look that much cooler.

    TN 8993 Kaxium V3 03

    The recent larger sets I've purchased were kind of disappointing in that the boxes were too big for the content. But the Kaxium certainly warms the environmentalist's heart with a fuller box.

    TN 8993 Kaxium V3 04

    Inside are three bags, 1 being Scodonius and Kirbraz, 2 being the main bike, and 3 the "sidecar." Apparently the bike's back wheel is too large for a bag.

    TN 8993 Kaxium V3 05


    Half the fun is had building the set. How fun is it to build and how easy or challenging is it?

    The build is certainly interesting, not extremely complex, but still there were a few moments I had to ponder. I also got my fingers pinched a couple times. The build took about 45 minutes, not counting the time to take pictures.

    TN 8993 Kaxium V3 06

    First up are the terrible twosome, who really are a no-brainer to build. I just had to look at the picture to understand how they went together.

    TN 8993 Kaxium V3 07

    I think the helmets look better this way around, but oh well. And is it just me, or are those faces causing your mind to reel the Transformers theme suddenly... yes, I thought so.

    TN 8993 Kaxium V3 08

    Oh, it's twins! They're so cute! I'm guessing Scodonius (his name is making me want fair scones) is the one on the right, and Kirbraz is on the left. The website is a little too vague on this. I do wish they looked slightly more different than one another. Oh well.

    TN 8993 Kaxium V3 09

    They have to attach firmly into the vehicles, but when they're not riding off into the sunset, I prefer to remove this piece. It just looks kind of ridiculous.

    TN 8993 Kaxium V3 10

    Next up is the main cycle!

    TN 8993 Kaxium V3 11

    Here are all the little bitty pieces, in case anyone is really truly dying to know. I wasn't looking forward to having those bright red crossbar pieces in the set.

    TN 8993 Kaxium V3 12

    Starting with the base of course. I appreciate how sturdy the main bike is.

    TN 8993 Kaxium V3 13

    Addition of WHEELZ!! ♥

    TN 8993 Kaxium V3 14 TN 8993 Kaxium V3 15

    And Mr. Scone's bike is done and awesome. The hook-up for the smaller bike is nice and subtle.

    TN 8993 Kaxium V3 16

    I knew those red pieces would show their evil little faces. When the Agori is not on his bike, these stick out and just say "I'm tacky look at me!"

    TN 8993 Kaxium V3 17

    So I just deploy the Bionicle cruise control for cool: the coveted ball. Sorry, these don't come in the set, but they should.

    TN 8993 Kaxium V3 18

    Last, we have what is called the sidecar... though we have to take this term kind of lightly, as how it's really a mini bike all on its own.

    TN 8993 Kaxium V3 19

    Again, small parts. No red.

    TN 8993 Kaxium V3 20

    The construction of this bike was really simple almost identical to the larger bike. Our wheel-popping blades on the sides are different, as well as the customary Thornax launcher, helpful for blasting foes, righting wrongs, and chasing evildoers/siblings out of your room.

    TN 8993 Kaxium V3 21

    This bike is much more flimsy than the main one. Without Kirbraz in it, the handle bars don't even have the decency to stand up.

    TN 8993 Kaxium V3 22

    Also, the hookup sticks out far enough to look slightly out of place.

    Make sure you're careful and attentive when building the wheels. I had to rearrange and situate them properly so they rolled freely.

    TN 8993 Kaxium V3 23

    These are the parts I had left over.

    Set Design
    Now that the set is complete, we can critique how it looks from every angle. New or interesting pieces can also be examined here.

    The Agoris' silver helmets are notable, previously found in red for the Cendox V1 set. I'm told the Technic vehicle base (circled in blue below) is new, and silver is a new color for the pieces from the Phantoka (circled in red.) AND I LOVE THE BIG WHEEL. *cough*

    TN 8993 Kaxium V3 24 TN 8993 Kaxium V3 25

    The Kaxium's big winner is the main bike. The intricacy is awesome, not to mention the wing-like attachments on the back. It was very well planned and designed. It's a shame the designers didn't seem to spend as much time planning the smaller bike. I spent some extra time modifying it.

    TN 8993 Kaxium V3 26 TN 8993 Kaxium V3 27

    However, mini-cycle is somewhat redeemed when hooked up to the big one.

    TN 8993 Kaxium V3 28 TN 8993 Kaxium V3 29

    Now we're ready to roll!

    TN 8993 Kaxium V3 30 TN 8993 Kaxium V3 31

    Altogether, the Kaxium V3 looks good. The color scheme is balanced, and I love having it out on display. One thing that can make it look a little more complete, though, would be the addition of flames or something out the back ends. And the BIONICLE ACTION FIGURE GAME can go back home, please. It looks silly.

    TN 8993 Kaxium V3 32

    Red pieces aaauuugggggg. I had to use my teeth to remove these.

    The other half of the fun is in playing with the set. How well does the set function and is it enjoyable to play with?

    TN 8993 Kaxium V3 33

    I immediately when out to the garage to stack it up to my dad's V-Star, which would probably crush it.

    TN 8993 Kaxium V3 34
    "We're riding in style now!"

    The Kaxium rolls pretty far, about 14 feet when together, 7 feet for the big bike, and the little bike either goes about 5 feet or flips over at the end of the ramp.

    TN 8993 Kaxium V3 35

    Stairs check!

    TN 8993 Kaxium V3 36

    Aside from the Thornax launcher, it stays intact!

    So really, I played with the Kaxium happily for about an hour before I had to stop. I have yet to fit other sets into the bikes, but I'm sure that'll be interesting. So playability is a big yes.

    Final Thoughts
    Once it's all said and done, how does the set stack up? Should I get it?

    What's to like?

    • Solid build of main bike, good overall
    • Good amount of parts
    • $30 price tag is not too bad

    What's not to like?

    • Smaller bike is way too flimsy
    • Agori aren't varied enough
    • Red pieces peeking out against color scheme

    Overall, if you're looking to get a quality vehicle set, but don't have the income of a settled adult, I would recommend this one. At first I was kind of apprehensive about Bionicle + motorcycles, but I felt like I got a good set for the price. Despite the attributes not in my taste, it was very easy to modify the Kaxium V3. I'll definitely be enjoying this set for a while.

    TN 8993 Kaxium V3 37

    I hope you all enjoyed Hahli Husky's review - make sure you thank her for taking the time to do so in the Talkback. We have a couple other reviews lined up after this one, including one that's extra-special (and extra-long). Keep checking back!

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