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    ReviewThursday, December 30th, 2010 at 10:02pm by Andrew M, BZPower Reporter

    One is a video review by McSmeag of the #5984 Lunar Limo whose pictures were lost. One is a video review by McSmeag and Black Six #5982 Smash'N'Grab whose text was never written. The last is a group review by BZ Staff attendees of BrickFair of #7145 Von Nebula whose video was irreparably damaged. But because we couldn't let all these good bits go to waste (especially since the Lunar Limo is the best Lego set ever released), were' throwing them all together into a TRIPLE THREAT SUPER COMBO SET REVIEW. Read on for great fun!

    Not all projects that we on the BZ staff end up panning out as expected, in large part due to the volatile nature of computers (illud est, data loss), or the extreme busy lives. These three set reviews are projects that ended up being plagued by problems. This Lunar Limo review by McSmeag was filmed in June and a photoshoot was completed...only for all the photos to be lost. The Smash'N'Grab review was an exciting venture uniting the two Andrews of the BZ staff - Black Six and McSmeag - but both proved far too busy with their respective jobs to write a textual review together. Both these videos have actually been on BZ since July, but never officially posted (I wonder if any sneaky persons happened to find them?). The Von Nebula review, 2010's annual BrickFair round-robin, faced other difficulties: the entire review was filmed and written, but the footage was largely unusable due to the tape being damaged.

    But there was so much good in these scattered, unfinished projects, great little tidbits that seemed such a shame to waste. So as our holiday gift to you, BZP denizens, we're giving you the finished portions of these three review projects - for your edification, entertainment, and enjoyment.

    This is the best Lego set ever made, no exaggeration. I recommend it more highly than any other set.

    Hot Double-Andrew Action!


    Nuju Metru: The box has a dark background and an explosion around the character... Pretty much just like about 20 BIONICLE packages we've had before. Or it felt that way to me. The lime/dirt green of the letters and symbols looked good alongside the other hues of the box.

    Janus: While the explosion will draw a few eyes towards this guy, the overall presentation doesn't reach out and grab me. I do find the idea of symbols on the boxes cool--even if this one is not reminiscent of a nebula at all.

    Hahli Husky: I would be more interested if the set actually caused explosions/lasers. Unfortunately not everyone sees the beauty in explosive firepower, but apparently if Vonnie here was real, he would. So I guess the box allows me to sympathize with him. Most important: THE BOX MAKES A SWEET HAT, BRO.

    InnerRayg: Hard to see, could have been better.

    McSmeag: Super Wal-Mart doesn't have discernible levels contrast on this all-black box? Fail.

    xccj: I am lame and didn't say anything for this!

    DeeVee: Von Nebula is on the box. And it is dark, and he actually looks kind of intimidating. Also, he has weird stats. I'm not sure what they all mean.

    Nukaya Cloud Fire: No idea what the box looks like, I�m too busy on a safari trying to find a Wal-Mart that doesn�t fail.

    Black Six: Dark-colored character on a dark-colored box does not make for an eye-catching package. Other than that, it's pretty standard stuff.


    NM: Being one of the few to actually have built this guy, there wasn't much that surprised me - all was building techniques we'd seen before, or very basic and straightforward. The only exception to this rule was those innovative front-pistoned legs, the likes of which we haven't ever seen in a set before this one.

    J: I'm not allowed to comment here. I was too busy slow dancing with Smeagol.

    HH: Let's face it, I'm a slow builder. I shoved the amazing box on my head and joined the Hat Club. Then I wore it to the Yard Sale and got so many looks.

    Ray: Didn't get to participate, no thoughts.

    Smeag: Super Wal-Mart doesn't have a complex or interesting build? Fail.

    xccj: It was an interesting build, although it was simple enough that four people building it seemed like overkill. I think I helped with one of the legs, and I helped sort some of the pieces. Most of the building was in the legs, as the body was mainly built up around the Makuta Phantoka torso, and the rest was very simplistic. A good building experience for one kid. Not so much for 4 TFOLs / AFOLs.

    DV: Von Nebula is both an interesting and irritating build. One moment you'll be like "oh, this is neat!" The next moment it's like "wait, really?? Lame!"

    Nukaya: Too busy duking it out with elephants wearing pajamas on a safari.

    B6: I didn't get to build the set, but it didn't look like it was all that complex. Certainly took us less time than Mata Nui.


    NM: The legs look ridiculously cool, and like nothing we've seen before; ignoring their gaps, that is. To me, there's too much black and not enough blue. And everything from the shoulders down looks really slapped-together and far lamer than the rest of Von Nebula.

    J: Honestly the overall appearance of this guy is fairly cool, with his flared out shoulders and hunchback look--that plus his hydraulic legs (which make you think "Robot!")..unfortunately the lack of any supporting colours (minus some tiny amount of blue) and a somewhat flimsy design makes it lose points.

    HH: Black = bad guy, again? For some reason, a plain color is not suitable for a guy who's named Von Nebula and shoots huge blue lasers of death. His build is pretty awesome, and the hunched-over look is well done. He's not as well-constructed as the larger sets of the past, though ...

    Ray: Seemed like he was not as solid as I'm used to for a big set.

    Smeag: Super Wal-Mart doesn't have colours other than black? Fail.

    xccj: Well, there are lots of black pieces. When they all come together to form Von N, they aren't great, but as a pile of parts there are some good grabs. Of course, the best pieces are the ones that have some blue to them; the Tridax pods (now a mix of solid black and blue) and the spikes. As for the set itself... well, the body and leg designs are nothing extraordinary, and the arms are plainly pathetic.

    DV: I don't like the legs, or the arms, or the feet, or the hands. The body has it's moments, but it's very hollow. The set is able to strike an intimidating pose, however.

    Nukaya: He needs a tiny safari hat. And maybe some elbows. And more head bobbing action.

    B6: In the past we've complained about sets having too many colors, and this set suffers the exact opposite problem. It's pretty much entirely black with a few dark blue highlights. While it looks cohesive and perhaps reminiscent of a black hole, it doesn't make for much to look at, we need some contrast, LEGO. If you can imagine it in other colors I can see the design not being too bad, except for some of the gaps.


    NM: Combing Arpy's and DeeVee's hair - hours of enjoyment with Von Combula right there. I guess he'd make a cool villain to complete your HF collection, but as a stand-alone, this guy isn't worth much more than the parts he's made of. Posability is bad, and he has no functions like launchers or (if we're dreaming) gears.

    J: His staff twirls, and to be honest it is kind of cool. As you can see we're also able to comb hair with his incredible spikes--but that aside this guy is barely even able to get into cool poses what with his lack of elbows and all.

    HH: Sudden idea: Vonvon's secret calling might be as a hairdresser! He's got two built-in combs that can comb through anything, apparently. And his awesome twirly staff: perfect for setting some beautiful loose curls! His head bobs amazingly, so girl, he could just like stand there and give you what-for as he cuts yo hair! However, it's the first set that broke while I was attemping to pose it. This makes me sad.

    Ray: No elbows was a killer. Not good.

    Smeag: Super Wal-Mart doesn't have action features or proper pose-ability? Fail.

    xccj: He doesn't offer much besides posing and role play. Not even a shooter; he arms his minions better than he does himself. (Well, okay, maybe he can fire lasers or create black holes in the story, but sadly, the set doesn't do that. Which is probably a good thing; there are some staffies who would abuse such black-hole-creation powers.) Actually, the set does have one play feature; the blades on his staff spin. Now, it's not the kind of spinning function seen in Keetongu or Roodaka, and it's less amusing than even Tahu Mistika's spinning blades... but, well, it's something.

    DV: No elbows. What the heck. Also, I hate those feet being used for hands, because they mean sets grip weapons really oddly, and that ruins the playability a bit for me too.

    Nukaya: He would not survive a safari, at least not while looking like he�s got porcupines/giant combs/possible hair pieces/potential Lady Gaga costume material thingamabobs glued to his shoulders.

    B6: He's able to bob his head in an awesome manner. I was disappointed in the posability, considering it's one of the largest action-figure sets available. Other than that, he's about the same as most other titan-sized sets of recent years.


    NM: "My final thoughts... are that I have no final thoughts."

    J: I'd skip this guy and go get one of the following: Meltdown, Stormer, Stringer, or Breez (Heck, you could get TWO for about the same price!)

    HH: He's not the worst set ever, by far. He's got some good redeeming points. But his lack of solidity and price (of course) will keep me away.

    Ray: It was alright. If it was a Bionicle set, I'd probably be more interested.

    Smeag: Super Wal-Mart doesn't have an affordable value? Fail.

    xccj: Well, I think he's [text removed due to babbling] but I wouldn't buy him.

    DV: A lot of fun recolours up in hurr. Otherwise? No thanks. If you buy him, do it for the pieces.

    Nukaya: Needs more safari.

    B6: For 50% off, he may have been worth it for the pieces, but as a set at full price I can't really recommend it unless you're a big Hero Factory fan.

    Kohaku: I am the Bionicle coordinator!

    Arpy: Can I say that his black hole ball staff is really cool?

    Nikira: I probably helped save the day during this build again. Why? Because I'm awesome. This set is a set.

    Friar Tuck: This year I am staff and am glad to be in the real review!

    Senjo: I echo my brother's sentiments quite hardily!

    ChocolateFrogs: There are too many gaps in his armor to really be affective, but then again that unfortunately seems to be common nowadays.

    Sisen: Let�s face it. Von Nebula�s real purpose in the world is to be a hairdresser. He talks the talk and walks the walk � when his legs don�t snap off � of a villain, but deep down inside he knows fighting heroes is not his true calling.

    ToM Dracone: I am grateful that Pat saved my life at the airport!

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