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    Set Review: 7985 City of Atlantis
    ReviewTuesday, November 29th, 2011 at 2:26am by Jason, BZPower Reporter
    [Source: Chocolate Frogs, Nuju Metru, Xccj, and Emperor Whenua]

    Back at BrickFair 2011, Ben (Chocolate Frogs), Aaron (Nuju Metru), Rene (Emperor Whenua) and I (xccj) purchased 7985: City of Atlantis and did a video review of it in our hotel room. Now, five months later, I've finally finished editing it up, and now we can show it to you. Watch the video to see what we think about this set, or read on to get some of the highlights.

    Image of City of Atlantis Set: Click for Video Review

    The Box

    Image of City of Atlantis Box Front Image of City of Atlantis Box Back

    • Has a nice, big, shiny Lego Atlantis logo
    • Shows off an elegant Greek temple
    • Really catches the eye
    • Showcases all 685 of the beautiful parts
    • Sadly, all four of us are out of the age range (8-14)
    • The back has lots of box pictures showing all the functions, like opening doors, pointlessly places flick fire missiles, a golden person, and other cool little gadgets.
    • The bags inside the box are numbered, but we won't pay attention to them.
    • There's a DSS: Dreaded Sticker Sheet... we'll use them for the sake of the review, but we don't like em.
    • There's a folded instruction booklet, with parts list in back.

    Interesting Pieces

    Image of Interesting Pieces Image of New Column Pieces

    • Mata Green tentacles
    • Golden trident
    • Trans green seaweed flames
    • Trans purple tri-force piece (unique to the set)
    • New fish piece in gold
    • Black knuckle piece
    • Lots of new pillar pieces: 83 in white 19 in tan
    • And a ton of other cool regular pieces


    Image of Male Diver Image of Female Diver
    Image of Barracuda Fig Image of Crab Fig Image of Poseidon

    • Male diver: He comes with a cool backpack thing with spinners. His head has an eyepatch, with a second face on the back that's scared. He comes in grey and yellow this time, instead of lime green.
    • Female diver: nothing remarkable except she also has a split personality.
    • Barracuda henchman: he has an under bite and needs braces. He has a mouth on his torso.
    • Red crab fig: He also has mouth on torso. He's holding his claws in his claw-like minifig hands. So it's a claw in a claw in a claw in a claw (because he has four claws.) Inception Claws! Also, he comes with the new short legs in dark red and Piraka spikes in orange.
    • Golden Temple Guardian Guy: He has a gold trident, new gold armor, and a gold headpiece (which also came with the Collectible Minifig Spartan). The gold on the armor, helmet, and body does not match, which makes it look more cluttered. He also has a regular head on the back, to show a human Poseidon / Neptune.

    Building the Set

    Image of Building Part 1 Image of Building Part 2
    Image of Building Part 3 Image of Building Part 4 Image of Building Part 5

    The Set's Features

    Image of Whole Set
    Image of Crab Creature Image of Sumbmarine
    Image of Front Gate Trap Image of Trap Door Image of Poseidon Appearing

    • Crab thing nicely uses the new knuckle pieces to form claws, and also has cool orange piraka spines. It's swoosh-able!
    • The small submarine is red with a trans yellow bubble cockpit. It has two Exo force claws attached to ball joint arms. It also has flick fire missile, since we all love flick fire missiles. (No, wait, we don't.) It's also swoosh-able!
    • There's a falling pillar, which can crash on top of figures. (Like the crab fig.)
    • A swinging ax can be triggered to fall from behind main gate.
    • There are useless flick fire missiles on the top of the temple. (Really, why?)
    • The temple has a trapdoor that can send a fig into the dungeons or something. Unfortunately, the crab fig is too big to fit through the trapdoor.
    • The main feature is the opening hatch. You spin the tri-force and Poseidon pops out from a hidden door in the temple. It's a cool feature, but the door he pops out of tends to fall back and hit him on the head. It is also retractable, so you can pull Poseidon back in like nothing ever happened.

    Final Thoughts

    Overall, this set has lots of nice columns that show off the cool architecture of the Atlanteans. Additionally, the green seaweed pieces make it feel like it's underwater. It's very unique among the other sets in the Atlantis theme.


    • Column pieces (lots of them)
    • Other cool pieces too
    • Submarine and crab creature are fun to swoosh around
    • Lots of little features to play with
    • Opening hatch mechanism is very cool
    • Looks like a cool Atlantis structure, thanks to the column pieces


    • Fish figs are ugly
    • Poseidon fig has too many shades of gold on him
    • Way too many useless flick fire missiles
    • Retractable wall can fall down and hit Poseidon on the head

    At $69.99 USD, it's one of the pricier sets, but if you can get it on sale, then it's worth it. Especially if you need column pieces.

    Discuss This Story

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