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    Discuss This Story ReviewSunday, August 18th, 2002 at 4:01pm by Kelly, BZPower Co-Owner

    Digging just a bit deeper into what's different about the Toa Nuva, BZPower presents tool and Kanohi comparisons.

    Nearly all the new tools (except Gali's) are basically oblong shapes, so it's become harder to distinguish from a quick profile who's who. The Kanohi themselves all feature the same type of flaring, stretching, melted appearance, and except for color, are also more difficult to distinguish by shape. The differences between Kakama, Pakari, etc. are less pronounced than previously. We shall see how this is dealt with in the storyline, but at least initially it will probably be more difficult to distinguish Kanohi by shape rather than by color.

    Click for Larger Image Again, starting with Tahu Nuva, we notice his Kanohi Nuva is larger than the original Hau. This is true of all the Nuva, basically. Included in this image is the chest armor for size comparison. The chest armor is common on all six Nuva so they won't be reproduced except here. The main thing to notice about this image is the massive size of the swords. The fire swirl motif from Tahu's fire sword are integrated nicely, and when put together form a good-sized lava surfboard.

       Click for Larger ImagePohatu Nuva retains his massive feet, only the central pieces are now silver, presumably indicating they are Protodermis-enhanced. The claws form into a Kodan ball. The Kakama Nuva is quite a bit larger, obviously, than the original Kakama.

    Click for Larger ImageOnua Nuva's Kanohi isn't quite as enlarged as the Kakama, but still is much wider. his distinctive claws have been replaced with chainsaws, which double as skates, so he's now much faster than before. The chainsaws are intricate and interesting, but the loss of his claws is a pity.

       Click for Larger ImageLewa Nuva's growling, snarling new Kanohi is a distinct change from his previous Miru. His bush blades, which double as wings, are the plainest new tool/weapon, but the curved sword shape should be welcome by MOC builders. Again, they're not nearly as distinctive as his green axe, and are basically the same size as his older tool.

    Click for Larger ImageThe most obvious thing about Kopaka Nuva's new gear is the size increase in his shield, and the fact that it's no longer perforated. His mask is also the most "organic" looking, appearing to be almost melted or fused. His new swords, which double as ice skates, are very similar in shape to his old sword, and to Onua Nuva's chainsaw skates.

       Click for Larger ImageFinally, Gali Nuva's hooks are now propeller/flipper axes. The shape remains distinctive and will most likely prove more utilitarian than a pair of hooks, but again the nostalgia factor of losing her hooks is saddening. One new addition not really noted are the little propellers at the end of the axes... the blue piece clicks directly onto her arms, so she's apparently propelled by this tiny props for some reason. The large axes hook onto her feet and become larger propellers (or flippers) underwater, so the small props are a bit of a mystery. Her Kaukau is no longer transparent, and in shape more closely resembles a Hau than a Kaukau. Its blocky shape is the least organic and flared, reminding one of a diving helmet.
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