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    Discuss This Story
    Set Review: 8831 Series 7 Collectible Minifigures
    ReviewSaturday, May 12th, 2012 at 6:12pm by Jason, BZPower Reporter

    Today we have a slightly different review for you. Instead of reviewing a single set, BZPower Report Xccj has acquired all the minifigs from Series 7 Collectible Minifigures. Series 7 has been hitting shelves recently, so you'll want to get them now before they're all picked through. Which ones are worth collecting, and how can you find them? Read on to find out!

    Image of All Figs

    The Collectible Minifigures series have been very popular in the last few years; the small bags just seem to fly off the shelves. Most stores get boxs of 60 blind bags which contain one of sixteen Minifigures from the series. It's almost impossible to tell which fig is in which bag just by looking. The first few series had special barcode for each figure, but Lego has since remove those in order to keep them a mystery. (After all, this isn't the first time Lego has produced collectible mystery products� Bionicle had Kanohi masks and other collectibles in blind boxes for years!) People have discovered a dot system along the bottom of the bags that helps identify which figure it contains, but they are hard to see and minifigs tend to come with multiple combinations, so it is not the most precise way.

    I myself prefer to feel the bags and locate specific pieces that identify the minifigs. This has its drawbacks; it can be very time consuming, and people might give you strange looks in the toy aisles. However, in my experience, I have met several other Lego enthusiasts in the toy aisles as we try to find the specific figs we want, which is always a cool thing. Yet it's not possible in all stores; some Toys R Us locations apparently keep their stock of figs behind the counter, so you do not have a chance to pick out the ones you want. I have heard that some fans will just buy the figs in bulk, take them home and locate the ones they want by feeling the bags, and then return any duplicate figs. However, this method requires you to have plenty of money, and if you're just looking for that one specific figure, then it is always easier to feel through the bags until you can find it, so that way you only have to purchase the one!

    When the Collectible Minifigures were first introduced, their availability was rather limited. The main store that carried them was Toys R Us, and the few boxes were quickly bought up by the excited AFOLs (Adult Fans of Lego.) Since Series 3, Lego has made the Collectible Minifigures more widely produced, and they can now be found at many other stores, including WalMart, Target, Fred Meyers (in the Pacific Northwest), Argos (in the UK), and sometimes even bookstores like Barnes & Nobles. More stores are getting more boxes of figs, so it is now easier for the casual fan to pick up the ones he or she wants.

    Image of Package Image of Foldout

    Series 7 comes in a bright red bag this time, and the front features a shot of nine of the Collectible Minifigures in the series. It's about 4.5 inches tall and 3.5 inches wide, and has a tab on the top so it can be hung up on display. Lots of legal jargon has been crammed onto the packaging, and the barcode on the back is common for the entire series, so it won't help you identify which fig is which.

    Not pictured is the big red box that the mystery bags initially come in. It is also red, had a tab that can be pulled out that has a group image of all the figs, and then has the individual fig images printed along the sides. Each box contains 60 figures, and most tend to have a specific count of each type of figures in them. As I review each individual fig, I will refer to its rareness, which is determined by how many appear in each box. Some of the more common figs appear five times in the box, some appear only four times, and the rarer ones only appear three times.

    Each Collectible Minifigures bag contains an instructional foldout and a black stand for the figure. The foldout is double-sided; one displays the basic construction of the fig and where specific pieces, like armor or headgear, should go. The build for each fig is simplistic enough that most builders won't need the help, but it's always a nice addition. The back of the foldout has a checklist for all sixteen Minifigures in the series, so you can mark them off as you collect them. Additionally, each bag contains a 3x4 black stand, with 4 studs running down the center where the fig can be attached. They're nice pieces, but they start to accumulate if you collect a lot of figures!

    One final bit on feeling for the figs before I get into the individual reviews. The process of feeling the bag to identify a fig usually involves isolating one or two pieces that are unique to the individual fig. All figs contain the foldout, the black stand, a minifig torso, and usually a minifig head and minifig legs. As such, when feeling through the bag, these specific pieces will get in the way and won't usually allow you to identity the specific fig. (The foldout especially takes up a lot of room and can block you from feeling pieces behind it, so beware.) For each figure below, I try to identify the specific pieces that will be easiest to feel out that will identify your figure, as well as pieces that might cause you to confuse one fig for another. But the process requires some time and patience, and also the willingness to "cheat" in order to get your preferred figure. Some people prefer the idea of everybody collecting the minifigs blindly, which would make distributions fairer. In my opinion, if you're only looking for a few specific figures, or looking to complete a full set, then identifying your figs before you purchase them is not a bad thing. However, I frown down upon people who go and pick out all of the most popular figures, such as with the Spartan or Roman figs, and don't leave a chance for any other fans to come by one.

    But with that said, onto the individual reviews. :D

    Swimming Champion

    Image of Swimming Champion 01 Image of Swimming Champion 02
    Image of Swimming Champion 03 Image of Swimming Champion 04

    At first glance, this appears to be a rehash of the Lifeguard from Series 2, and that's about it. The leg and torso designs are almost identical, with a few minor changes and in different colors. The yellow printing on the black torso is a little faded, but it's a little better than the yellow printing on the Lifeguard (which was bad). The face is double-sided; one has a standard female smile, while the other includes swimming goggles, which is a really nice touch. The swimming cap is a new element and has some nice details on the top, but they're a little hard to see because it's all in black. The highlight of this fig is clearly the gold medal neckband. This piece is apparently going to show up in the Olympic Collectible figs in the UK, but everybody else will get a chance to snag one on this fig. It fits snugly around her neck like a regular backpack, so it's a really nice piece.

    If you're feeling for the swimmer, search for the neckband, which has a distinct bend you can feel. Otherwise, there's really nothing else to feel that sets this fig apart. She is one of the more rare figures who comes three to a box, but since she is almost a repeat of the Lifeguard, I don't see a particularly high demand for her. Still, it's always nice to have a diversity of swimmers (and swim suits in different colors) so that's always a plus.

    Aztec Warrior

    Image of Aztec Warrior 01 Image of Aztec Warrior 02
    Image of Aztec Warrior 03 Image of Aztec Warrior 04 Image of Aztec Warrior 05

    The Aztec Warrior is ready for battle with his weaponry and gold headdress. The detail on him is very amazing, and I foresee him being one of the stars of Series 7. His torso and legs have printing on them that looks like traditional native attire. One bit I really like is his printed necklace has a minifig head on it, in lieu of a skull or something. It's a nice touch. His head is yellow with green printing that shows through his headdress. And the Eagle headdress is extremely detailed too, with printing on the eyes, cheeks, and feather tips. (And that's not mentioning all the detail in the mold.) It's really excellent. He also has a gold spear and round shield similar to those used in previous historical Collectible Figs. But the headdress is the clear highlight.

    When feeling for the Aztec Warrior, you're bound to find the Eagle headdress first, because it's extremely large. You could potentially confuse it with the Galaxy Patrol backpack, so make sure to also locate the long spear and shield to confirm that it's the Aztec. However, the Aztec is a rarer fig (only three to a box), easy to find, and likely very popular. I expect many people will quickly pick all of them out, so be forewarned. Because, in the end, his amazing details and appearance will surely make him a must-have for collectors.

    Bunny Suit Guy

    Image of Bunny Suit Guy 01 Image of Bunny Suit Guy 02 Image of Bunny Suit Guy 03

    First we had a gorilla, and then we had a lizard; the next costumed figure clearly has to be a bunny. Overall, Bunny Suit Guy is pretty cute, and I'm sure he'll appeal to a feminine crowd. His torso has a pink belly printed on the front and a fluffy tail printed on the back. The helmet with the two large ears is new, although this time it leaves a large opening for you to see Bunny Suit Guy's happy face. He's also carrying a carrot, which makes for a healthy snack in case he gets hungry.

    Bunny Suit Guy is another rarer fig (only 3 to a box) but might not be the most popular fig to get. In fact, I could see many disappointed fans opening a bunny suit guy when they were really after a Galaxy Patrol or Aztec Warrior. If you have the chance to feel for a Bunny Suit Guy, try to locate the helmet, because the ears will be very distinctive. Additionally, locating the pieces that make up the carrot will help, but make sure not to confuse them with the flower stems found with the Bride or Hippie.

    The Bride

    Image of The Bride 01 Image of The Bride 02
    Image of The Bride 03 Image of The Bride 04

    There is already a promotion set available with a Bride minifigure, but this collectible Bride will probably be more widespread. Besides, her design is different enough. She includes a standard dress build, with printing on a slope and then a matching torso. She has a big smile on her face, and includes a new hairpiece, which is similar to the new ponytail pieces except without the ponytail and with an extra pin hole. The pin hole is for the tiara, which also holds down her bridal train cloth. Personally, I am not impressed with this layout; the tiara is so small that it makes it difficult to pin down the cloth. Additionally, my cloth piece feels very fragile, and was already tearing around the connection area. This makes the fig a little less desirable. The Bride also comes with the new hand-held flower stem, and four flower pedals to put on it. (Yes, you get an extra!)

    If you're trying to feel for the Bride, the dress slope piece will be the easiest to feel out. However, the Viking Woman also has a dress slope piece, so you should make sure your Bride doesn't come with a sword or shield first to confirm. If you can locate the flowers or stem, that helps, but be aware that these elements also come with the Hippie. The one unique piece that can be felt is the tiara. But you have to go through some effort in order to confirm a Bride fig. She is one of the rarer figs (3 to a box) but I don't necessarily see her as one of the more popular figs. Add the fragile cloth piece in, and she's just not the best fig to get. Unless you're a complete-ist or you want a female fig, I would suggest passing on the Bride.

    Ocean King

    Image of Ocean King 01 Image of Ocean King 02
    Image of Ocean King 03 Image of Ocean King 04

    You may call his Poseidon or Neptune, but regardless he is the King of the Ocean. I believe he comes with the same mermaid (or merman) tail that came with the mermaids from the Pirates of the Caribbean set. It's a solid piece with nice printing and good connection points, so it's great to have the option to get it in a cheaper set. His torso is just a bare male chest, which we have seen before. (In fact, it is almost identical to the Jungle Boy's torso, except without the necklace and scratches.) The Ocean King does include a wispy white beard found in the Sensei Wu fig from Ninjago. His headpiece is a fantastic 5 prong gold crown with a good amount of white hair in the back. He carries a gold trident, but it's the same that was included in many Atlantis sets, so it's nothing new. Overall, these elements come together to form a fig that is worthy for the gods.

    If you're feeling for the Ocean King, the tail would be a good place to start. It will be a fairly large piece; however it may be difficult to determine exactly what element it is, since some of the other figs also have large bulky elements in them. What would distinguish this fig the most is the trident, where you should be able to feel out the handle and then the three prongs. The Ocean King only comes three to a box, and since he is so detailed he will likely be high in demand. I think he will be one of the stars for Series 7, but that might make it difficult to find him if other fans get to him first.


    Image of Bagpiper 01 Image of Bagpiper 02
    Image of Bagpiper 03 Image of Bagpiper 04 Image of Bagpiper 05

    This was a fig that I was not expecting to be made, and the detail put into him is quite amazing. The bagpipe element itself is crazy detailed, but still allows for it to be handled by the fig in a fairly realistic way. Another highlight is the Scottish cap, which is a new mold with a nice pattern printed on it. The fig also wears a kilt, similar to the skirts on the Hula Girl and Ice Skater from previous series. It poses the same problems as before, where it limits leg movement and leaves an opening on the back. But I guess it is better than just having a kilt printed on the legs. Funnily enough, his legs instead have green garters printed on them.

    When feeling for the bagpiper, you could always look for the bagpipe piece itself. It has lots of bars on it and kind of a hollow interior. I spent a few minutes feeling that particular element and trying to guess what it was; it's really unlike any Lego piece made before. Additionally, if you can locate his cap and feel the point at the top, which will give him away too. Bagpipers come four to a box, so they're moderately common, and his quirky appearance will likely make him a target for many collectors. Play on, Bagpiper, play on!


    Image of Daredevil 01 Image of Daredevil 02
    Image of Daredevil 03 Image of Daredevil 04 Image of Daredevil 05

    The Daredevil reminds me of the Racecar Driver from Series 3. Honestly, I don't see much appeal to him, and he may be one of the less sought after figs. He has some fancy red, white, and blue printing on his torso, legs, and helmet. His hair is the same mold as the Mechanic's from Series 6, although this time it's in a medium dark flesh color. His head is double-sided; one with a happy grin and another with a scared frown as he gets shot out of a cannon. He also wears a white cape, which is fairly rare. Sadly, he has no other accessories besides his helmet, but I guess you wouldn't want to be carrying too much when you're doing daredevil type activities.

    Like the Racecar Driver, the problem with the Daredevil is that he doesn't have any accessories to be identified with when feeling for him. He will be the only figure to have both a helmet and a hairpiece. However, he is the only character to have a visor with his helmet, so if you can locate that you can pin him down. Again, I feel that he is one of the more lackluster figs for Series 7, and he is moderately rare in that he comes four to a box. But he does have a certain appeal, and if he's the worst fig in the series, then that just means Series 7 is really high quality.

    Galaxy Patrol

    Image of Galaxy Patrol 01 Image of Galaxy Patrol 02
    Image of Galaxy Patrol 03 Image of Galaxy Patrol 04 Image of Galaxy Patrol 05

    The Galaxy Patrol / Space Marine is there to uphold the law in the far corners of the universe; plus he's also a cool fig to grab. He contains a couple of nice recolored pieces, like the black Alien Conquest gun and dark blue new-style space helmet. He also has cool spacy printing on his dark blue torso and legs. He has a double sided head: one side has a standard look with an eye scope, and the other has a holographic display printed over his face. However, the highlight of the fig is the new shoulder armor piece. It really bulks him up while leaving plenty of room for the helmet and arms. Plus, it has stud connectors on the front and back, and the classic space logo printed on both shoulders. It even has pins in the back that could be extended into a jetpack. A lot of nice design work went into this, and it really makes the Galaxy Patrol guy look like the toughest dude in the solar system.

    I predict that people will want to collect armies of the Galaxy Patrol guy, and luckily he is one of the more abundant figs, since he comes five to a box. Still, on my initial searches, he was a very hard figure to spot, which makes me think that perhaps others were already picking him out first. Ideally, you should be able to feel out the bulky shoulder armor in the packs, but I found this difficult to do, and it could be confused with other bulky items like the Evil Knights armor or the Aztec Warrior's headdress. As such, I searched for the double-barrel space blaster, which is easier to isolate in the pack and feel out. Even though more Galaxy Patrol guys come in the boxes than some of the other figures, I still see him as a highly sought after fig because he looks so cool, so he might still be a tough one to locate.

    Tennis Ace

    Image of Tennis Ace 01 Image of Tennis Ace 02 Image of Tennis Ace 03

    The Tennis Ace is out to win it. His torso and leg printing show a basic tennis shorts and shirt in white and lime. While they're not revolutionary, they would still make for decent everyday fig customizations. His head has a very determined face printing with a white headband. He has the same wild hair mold as the Sleepy Kid from Series 6, but this time in tan. He also carries the same tennis racket that came with the Tennis Girl from Series 3, only this time it is dark blue.

    Overall, the Tennis Ace isn't stellar. He does a good job at portraying the sport of tennis, but that is somewhat diminished because he's the second tennis player released. Still, you can't play tennis with only one player, so the Tennis Ace is sure to give the Tennis Girl a good game. If you're trying to feel for him, locate the tennis racket, which has a very distinct feel. He comes four to a box, so he's moderately common. I don't see him as one of the more sought after figs, but he's good enough.

    Jungle Boy

    Image of Jungle Boy 01 Image of Jungle Boy 02
    Image of Jungle Boy 03 Image of Jungle Boy 04

    I see this figure as a mix between the Caveman from Series 1 and the Zoologist from Series 5. The Jungle Boy is just a rehash of earlier themes, and doesn't bring much new to the table. He has tattered shorts printed on his legs and a bare male chest printed on his torso. (In fact, his torso is very similar to the one on the Ocean King, except that it includes a tooth necklace and some scratches. Still, not exactly unique.) He has a grin on his face and standard brown Dastan hair, which is new in this color. He carries a dark grey knife, but the pack contains two of them so that's nice. He also has a pet chimp that he can hold. While the chimp is a decent mold that has a bar for an arm and can fit onto a stud, it's the same one that was included with the Zoologist, so that cuts down on its appeal. Overall, the Jungle Boy does a good job at providing us with a Lego Tarzan fig. However, it reuses too many elements from other figs that it just doesn't seem that original.

    If you're feeling for the Jungle Boy, the double knife connection would be one to look for. (The two knives come connected together, and then you snap them apart into separate pieces later.) You could also search for the monkey, but it's a difficult mold to feel out, so I wouldn't suggest making that your primary searching goal. The Jungle Boy is one of the more common figs and comes 5 to a box. I expect he will also be one of the least sought after figs, so he'll likely be one of the leftovers in the box after all the popular ones have been taken out.


    Image of Hippie 01 Image of Hippie 02
    Image of Hippie 03 Image of Hippie 04

    The Hippie is just full of colors. His legs lack printing, but they are in dark purple, which is a fairly rare color. He's wearing a tan vest with a lime tie-dyed shirt underneath it, with a blue and pink swirl in the center, and yellow stripes along his arm. He has some brown facial hair, glasses, and a happy, peaceful smile. His hairpiece is new, with long brown hair and a orange headband. The hairpiece is similar to the style used on Ginny in the last series of Harry Potter sets, but the Hippie's hair is still a little longer. Additionally, the Hippie is holding onto the new flower stem, with four yellow flower pedals, even though only three can fit onto the stem.

    The unique hairpiece really sets the Hippie apart from the other figs, but it can be difficult to feel out in the bag. Personally, I kept mistaking it for body armor, but one quick check for this is to see if there's a hole in the top for the neck. If there isn't, you might have the Hippie's hair. You could also locate the flowers or stem, but be aware that these elements also come with the Bride, so if you find them make sure the packet doesn't have a long slope in it. The Hippie comes 4 to a box, so he's not super rare, but he also is one of the harder ones to locate via feeling, so be careful while searching for him. While I doubt he'll be the most popular fig for Series 7, I'm sure there'll be plenty of people trying to add him to their collections.

    Computer Programmer

    Image of Computer Programmer 01 Image of Computer Programmer 02
    Image of Computer Programmer 03 Image of Computer Programmer 04

    It's not often that you get a mild-mannered fig like the Computer Programmer, but it's only a clever disguise. If you try to challenge him to a match in C++ or Java, he will code you so hard you'll be seeing ones and zeroes for days afterwards! His torso is pretty plain with a sweater vest, but that's just to keep him warm while he codes. He has another mild-mannered face with glasses, and swept black hair, which I believe is a new hairpiece. He has two cool accessories: a laptop computer in dark grey, and a white mug with "C:\" printed on it. Seriously, how can you say no to a mug with an emoticon on it?

    If you're feeling for the Computer Programmer, look for the mug. You can distinctly feel the handle on it, and it can't be confused with any of the other figs, so you'll know you have a programmer. Overall, the Computer Programmer isn't very exciting looking, and since he comes 4 to a box, he's not super rare either. However, I expect many online Lego fans can associate with him, and thus he'll be popular in that niche market.

    Viking Woman

    Image of Viking Woman 01 Image of Viking Woman 02
    Image of Viking Woman 03 Image of Viking Woman 04

    This is another nice fig that helps expand the theme of an earlier fig, the Viking from Series 4, without appearing to be a copycat. This Viking Woman looks like she could be slaying dragons or singing opera. She has a standard dress design in brown with some printed bronze highlights. She has two faces printed; one is angry and one is singing. Her headpiece is two tan ponytails built into a Viking helmet. The design is well done, and my only wish is that the hair could be separated from the helmet. Oh well. She also comes with a round shield and short sword, much like the Gladiator of Series 5. Don't worry, I'm sure she only uses the sword to prepare meals and fight off dragons, and not to lead raiding parties through helpless villages.

    There are three elements that are easy to feel out in the Viking Woman's packs: her sword, shield, and dress slope. However, a similar shield comes with the Aztec Warrior, the Evil Knight also has a sword, and the Bride also has a dress slope. Instead of trying to find just one of these elements, try locating all three in order to determine if you have the Viking Woman. Additionally, the two little horns that go into her helmet should give away the fig. The Viking Woman isn't super rare, since she comes 4 to a box, but she is a decent historical fig with lots of character that's all her own, so I can see her attracting many collectors.

    Evil Knight

    Image of Evil Knight 01 Image of Evil Knight 02
    Image of Evil Knight 03 Image of Evil Knight 04 Image of Evil Knight 05

    Part of the Boar Tribe, this Evil Knight will attempt to spread terror throughout the Lego Kingdom. He reminds me of Lord Vladek from Knights Kingdom II. He has nice silver armor printing on his legs and torso armor piece. (His actual torso piece is just plain black, nothing special.) He has an evil-style helmet that leaves room to show off his evil red eyes and mouth. His shield has printing of a red boar sticking its tongue out. The shield also has an oval shape similar to the Elf's shield from Series 3. He also has a long sword that appeared with the Highland Battler in Series 6 and is likely to appear in the Lord of the Rings sets to be released later this year.

    To find the Evil Knight, try to feel for the sword or shield. But be warned, the Viking Woman also has a sword, so be careful not to confuse the two. The shape of the shield, on the other hand, is unique to this set, and if you can locate this, you know you have the Evil Knight. He is one of the more common figs, since he comes 5 to a box, and he is a must have for any Castle collectors.

    Girl Rocker

    Image of Girl Rocker 01 Image of Girl Rocker 02 Image of Girl Rocker 03

    The Girl Rocker is clearly supposed to be the female version of the Punk Rocker from Series 4, but she has enough character to her that she still manages to be unique. She's wearing a black and azure rocker outfit with a pink lightning bolt down the middle, which looks cool. She has a singing face with heavy eyeliner and a pink lightning bolt on her cheek. Her bright pink hair is the newest mold here, and it's very big and detailed and pink. In fact, it reminds me a bit of those Dr. Seuss trees, or a scoop of pink, melting ice cream. Either way, it looks a little crazy to be hair, but that fits the Rocker Girl's personality. She also comes with the same guitar mold that the Punk Rocker had, only this time it's white.

    When feeling for the Rocker Girl, look for the guitar. It will feel like a bar at first, and then end with a triangular shape. While the Rocker Girl certainly has a personality, I don't think she'll be one of the must have figures. Rather, even though she is rare (only 3 to a box) she might be one of the leftover figures in the box after all the popular ones have been taken. If that's the case, then she should be easy to find. If not� well then you better get your hands on her before she's gone. Rock on!

    Grandma Visitor

    Image of Grandma Visitor 01 Image of Grandma Visitor 02 Image of Grandma Visitor 03

    I don't know why Little Red Riding Hood is called Grandma Visitor instead. The name certainly references the story, but it just doesn't sound right. Must be some legal naming reason. Anyway, Little Red comes with some nice pieces, like short red legs, a red hood (which is a first in this color), and a short red cape. She has a decent travelers torso in white and black, and a cute face with freckles. The newest mold with this fig is the basket, which is rubbery, has two handles, and can fit down on two studs. The basket piece also comes with some Friends sets, but Little Red gets it in this color first! It's a nice little fig, and it is cool to see Lego making female children.

    Grandma Visitor / Little Red is a bit tricky to locate with feeling. The basket is too rubbery to really be able to identify it easily, and the red hood is too easily confused with other headgear elements. The main distinguishing feature of Little Red is her short legs, since she is the only fig in this series to have them. Thus, if you can find the legs but they don't bend, then you likely have Little Red. Overall, I don't see her as the must-have fig from Series 7, but she is cute and fairly rare (coming only 3 to a box) so I'm sure collectors won't mind adding her to their collections.

    And that covers all of them. Keep in mind that these were mostly my impressions of the minifigs; everybody's bound to have their own individual favorites and least favorites. (Personally, I'm most impressed by the Galaxy Patrol and least impressed by the Jungle Boy.) But hopefully I've provided you with enough detail for you to determine which figs you like best and for how to feel for it out of the box. And if you're unable to get to a physical store and search for some by hand, all hope isn't lost yet! You can still order them online through Lego Shop. (Granted, you can only order 32 per household, and you'll be getting them blindly, but it's still an option!) Happy Minifig hunting!

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