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    Discuss This Story ReviewSunday, May 25th, 2014 at 1:57pm by Andrew, BZPower News Manager

    Next on our list of Chima constraction sets to review is 70207 CHI Cragger, the crocodile prince. Although it won't be available in North America, you still have a chance to win this set by checking out the review and watching the video. Is this crazy croc worth it to add to your collection, or will he make you cry crocodile tears? You'll have to read on to find out!

    From the design of the box to the instruction manual, these are the first things you see before building the set.

    70207 CHI Cragger Review 01 70207 CHI Cragger Review 02

    The front of the bag looks like it's engulfed in fire, which is fitting for the fire and ice theme of the second wave of Legends of Chima sets this year. The logo stands out with some icy blues, but Cragger is the real star here. He's front and center with snapping jaws and his axe at the ready. On the back we get another shot of Cragger watching Mungus approach on a frozen plain. There's a 1:1 scale image of his head, a callout to the removable Chi sphere, and an image showing that Cragger can combine with Fluminox.

    Half the fun is had building the set. How fun is it to build and how easy or challenging is it?

    The build here was actually a bit of a departure from the normal small-constraction set fare. While the arms and legs are pretty standard, Cragger's head, neck, and shoulders are a bit unique, which spices things up and is a welcome change!

    Set Design
    Now that the set is complete, we can critique how it looks from every angle. New or interesting pieces can also be examined here.

    70207 CHI Cragger Review 03 70207 CHI Cragger Review 04

    If you read our 70206 CHI Laval review, you've seen most of these pieces already. We get a new chest armor that can hold a Chi orb, new shoulder armor, and a new blade piece. Cragger's head is re-painted a bit and the #5 armor piece has a new print (also seen in Laval). The Zamor sphere is trans-orange and yellow, which might be a new mix?

    There's a good variety of pieces in this set, including some tran-orange limbs, #3 armor pieces, and hands, dark green #4 armor, and many other common constraction elements. It's a fine selection and should supplement any builder's collection well.

    70207 CHI Cragger Review 05 70207 CHI Cragger Review 06 70207 CHI Cragger Review 07 70207 CHI Cragger Review 08

    I think they did a great job with the color choices on Cragger. Unlike with Laval, the gold here is limited to the chest, back, shoulders, and upper arms, making it look like he's wearing armor. While there is a bunch of trans-orange used, most of it is partially covered, relegating it to a nice accent. There's a reasonable amount of dark green, which helps Craggy maintain his reptilian appearance. The only things that seem out of place are the dark red on the legs, and the black feet. The former work alright, but I feel like they could have been better. The latter would have been better in dark green. It also would have been nice to see some olive green, but you certainly don't want to introduce too many colors.

    From a design perspective, Cragger looks great. The neck section gives him an appropriate hunched-over look, and the armor on the back hides any gaps well. The shoulder pieces that attach to the neck keep it from looking too long or awkward, and also give Cragger's arms a real beefy, muscular look. The arms and legs are simple and just work, as does the tail. It's definitely a very solid-looking creature.

    The other half of the fun is in playing with the set. How well does the set function and is it enjoyable to play with?

    70207 CHI Cragger Review 09 70207 CHI Cragger Review 10 70207 CHI Cragger Review 11

    By my count, Cragger has seventeen points of articulation, which allows for a lot of different poses. His large, clawed feet make it easy for him to stay balanced. The shoulders can move a bit, which helps to keep them from restricting arm movement. There's no launcher or functions here, unless you count the removable Chi orb from the chest. I'm fine with that though, and think there's plenty of play in the figure alone.

    70207 CHI Cragger Review 12

    Of course when you have multiple figures your play value doubles! Cragger has had enough of Laval trying to help and just making things worse, and has decided to put him in his place! Or maybe there are more nefarious forces at work, pitting friend against friend. Like that would ever happen...

    Final Thoughts
    Once it's all said and done, how does the set stack up? Should I get it?

    What's to like?

    • Interesting and unique design
    • Gold is not too overpowering
    • Useful new pieces
    • Captures the look of Cragger reasonably well

    What's not to like?

    • Olive green would have been nice
    • Dark green feet would have been preferred

    Those cons are a real stretch, because I think Cragger is a great set. He brings something a little different to the table and pulls it off well. The result is a solid set that has some great value in terms of parts and playability!

    Thank you all for reading, I hope you enjoyed the review. If you're interested in winning a copy of this set, make sure you go watch the video to learn how! Our Chima constraction coverage is just beginning, so keep checking back for more of that, along with other LEGO news and reviews, here on BZPower!

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