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    Set Review: 71007 Series 12 Collectible Minifigures
    ReviewMonday, November 3rd, 2014 at 2:21am by Jason, BZPower Reporter

    The twelfth round of Collectible Minifigures are hitting shelves again, and for some of us that means it's time to begin collecting them again. BZPower Reporter Xccj has done a quick review of each of them, as well as a guide on how to find them. Whether you're looking to grab all sixteen, or if you just want a few individuals, read on to see what the excitement is all about.

    Image of Box Front

    It's been a while since we've had a classic series of Collectible Minifigures from all sorts of genres. The last two waves have been more licensed focused, with the Janurary wave featuring side characters from The LEGO Movie and the May wave dedicated to Simpsons characters. But now we return to the numbered series, and this is #12.

    For those of you new to the Collectible Minifigure world, these are blind bags that contain one of sixteen new characters. At a glance, you can't tell which fig in is a bag, but one method is to feel for specific pieces and use those to identify the character. It can be tricky, but I've provided a guide that will help identify each character, based off my experience, both good and bad. (And I got all these using this method, so I know it works a little bit!) The figs are also distributed differently, so that some are more common than others. They are generally shipped in boxes of 60, and the figs come either five, four, or three to a box, and I use this to determine their rareness. It helps if you're trying to find just that one special fig; however I do think it is bad etiquette to try to buy out all of one character, so please don't use this method for evil and leave some for the rest of the collectors out there!

    Image of Bag Front
    Image of Bag Back

    Interestingly enough, the bags for the twelfth series are yellow, which is the same color as the very first wave. The front features 9 of the figs, and the back has all the legal stuff. In previous series, the bottom section on the back would have dot patterns that would identify the fig in the back, but they are hard to decipher and not always accurate, since some patterns overlap multiple figs and some figs have multiple patterns. Inside each bag, in addition to the fig parts, comes a black 3x4 tile stand, as well as an instruction foldout. One side of the foldout features a checklist of all sixteen figs, which is useful to see what they all have to offer. Normally the other side would have a basic instruction guide on how to build a fig, but that has now been replaced with an ad for the Minifigures Online game. The perk with these figs is that the instruction booklet includes a code to unlock the fig you just bought, so you could play as them in the game. I haven't played the game very much yet, but it's certainly a good way to get kids interested in it.

    The Series 12 Collectible Minifigures now cost $3.99 USD. This is a dollar increase over last year. The Simpsons wave first had this price hike, and Series 12 continues with it for whatever reason, although the extra cost probably comes from the game code you also receive. It's unfortunate, but that's how the LEGO market goes. You can currently purchase the bags at various retail stores (Walmart, Target, Fred Meyers, Argos, Barnes and Noble. . . they're a lot more widespread now than in some of the earlier series) as well as at LEGO Brand Stores. You can also order a batch through LEGO Shop online, but you're limited to 32 and can't feel and pick them out. You could also purchase them second hand from sites like Amazon, Ebay, or Bricklink, where you get the benefit of knowing what fig you're getting, but it comes at a higher cost. But if you want them, there are ways to get some without breaking the bank. However, they're only going to stick around for a few months , and by the time the next wave comes out, Series 12 will be on the way out, never to return. So if you're interested in some after this review, get them sooner than later!


    Image of Wizard 1 Image of Wizard 2 Image of Wizard 3 Image of Wizard 4

    Talk about mystical. This guy is sporting a cool new blue robe with star and moon prints on it, complete with a matching hat. He is further highlighted by purple capes, which you get two of, and they have star and moon prints on the back too. His accessory is a plain brown staff which is topped with a trans blue gemstone. The head has some wrinkly printing on it, but it's mostly hidden by the beard piece, which has appeared before with Gandalf. He has a more lighthearted feel, closer to Merlin, and would look fitting giving helpful advice to the good king in his castle. He's a welcomed addition to your fantasy LEGO world.

    The Wizard is one of the moderately common figures, showing up 4 to a box. He has lots of parts that are fairly easy to identify, but there are also lots of similar parts with the other figures. He has a sloped body, which is the largest piece to feel for, but so does the Princess. His cone hat is also very distinctive� but the Princess has one of those too. The diamond piece is a small one that should be easy to isolate, but don't mistake it for the Princess's frog, the Space Miner's unicorn horn, or the Dino Hunter's syringe. Finally, the telescope and bar pieces are long and easy to feel, but again don't mistake them for other lengthy pieces like the Battle Goddess's spear or the Gold Miner's pick handle. If you can identify the slope legs and the bar, then you'll have a pretty good idea that you have a Wizard.

    Image of Wizard 5
    "So you think you're a powerful wizard too?"

    Hun Warrior

    Image of Hun 1 Image of Hun 2 Image of Hun 3 Image of Hun 4

    It's about time we got another historical figure, and this one comes in the form of Attila the Hun (or maybe Genghis Khan) as the Hun Warrior. He comes with some decent fur printing on his torso and legs, which actually includes the side of his legs too. His helmet is fairly detailed, and has connection points for two cow horn pieces. The most interesting bit is his cape, which is made of a softer fabric to better feel like fur, compared to the paper-like material most capes are made of. He is also ready for battle with his sword and printed shield.

    The Hun Warrior is rare in that he only comes 3 to a box. The most distinctive piece to feel for would be the cow horns, which are unique to him in this wave, and they're fairly small and easy to isolate. You could also try to find the sword or shield, but don't mix up the round shield with that of the Battle Goddess.

    Image of Hun 5
    "Instead of fighting, do you want a pretzel?"

    Fairytale Princess

    Image of Princess 1 Image of Princess 2 Image of Princess 3 Image of Princess 4

    LEGO has had its share of princesses in the Castle line, as well as a bunch of classic Disney Princesses in their own line. This Fairytale Princess feels like a mix of both styles; a standard fig who wouldn't look out of place in a Disney animation. Her lavender color scheme works quite well, and she has a conical hat complete with a dark orange ponytail, which is a new mold. Her head also as two prints on it, and is the only one in this series to have that distinction. One side has a smiling face, while the other side shows her with her lips perked and eyes closed, ready for a kiss. And what better way to complete the princess clich� than to give her a frog to smooch?

    The Fairytale Princess is among the more rare figs, coming only 3 to a box. Two distinct pieces to feel for would be the conical hat and the sloped dress piece, but beware because the Wizard has similar elements. The frog piece would also be a nice small piece that can be easily isolated, but it's shape isn't too distinct so it could easily be confused for something else. When searching for her, I would feel for the slope and then confirm that there's no rod that forms the Wizard's staff, and then you'll know you found the Princess.

    Image of Princess 5
    "Actually, I'm more into amphibians. Could you change back into the frog?"

    Video Game Guy

    Image of Gamer 1 Image of Gamer 2 Image of Gamer 3 Image of Gamer 4

    The Video Game Guy seems pretty generic, but will probably be great for all the gamers looking to create self-figs. His torso doesn't appear that exciting at first, since it merely has "Player 1" printed on it. However, the arms are now in the new two-toned style to represent sleeves, so they're part black and park gray. The hair piece is a recolor of the style the DJ used in Series 8, this time with brown hair and black headphones. He also comes with a 1x2 tile that represents a gamepad. It's generic enough to avoid looking like any particular brand, but the design is still recognizable for any gamer out there. His legs also have printing on them, including a USB keychain, which is a nice touch.

    The Video Game Guy will be slightly tricky to locate because he doesn't have any pieces that really stand out. You could feel for the 1x2 tile, but the Jester has two of those, so make sure there is only one tile to verify that you have the Video Game Guy. However, he will be fairly common, coming 5 to a box, so you can buy your own army to recreate a gaming tournament. The downside; all of them will be labeled as "Player 1."

    Image of Gamer 5
    "Can I be Player 2?"

    Battle Goddess

    Image of Goddess 1 Image of Goddess 2 Image of Goddess 3 Image of Goddess 4 Image of Goddess 5

    You can return to the classic days of Greek society and go to war with the Battle Goddess. She comes complete with a helmet, spear, and shield, so she's ready to fight her foes. Her torso has some decent armor printing, and her shield has a Pegasus printed on it, which is nice. Her legs have sandals and a gold swimsuit print on them, which is mostly hidden by her white skirt. I'm still not a fan of these minifig skirts, which restrict leg movement and don't completely wrap around the fig, but it adds a nice shape that would look odd if it had just been printed. She also has a white crest piece that attaches to her helmet, which is a recolor of the piece that came with the Roman Commander of Series 10.

    The Battle Goddess is moderately common, coming 4 to a box. The pieces to feel for would be her long spear and her round shield. However, make sure you don't confuse her shield with that of the Hun Warrior, as both are round but hers doesn't have a stud in the middle. Another small piece to isolate would be the plume element, which has a distinct shape.

    Image of Goddess 6
    "From one god to another, can I ask about your fighting skills?"

    Space Miner

    Image of SpaceMiner 1 Image of SpaceMiner 2 Image of SpaceMiner 3 Image of SpaceMiner 4 Image of SpaceMiner 5

    We've got another sci-fi minifigure, but unlike figs from the past, he's not in it for the fight. The Space Miner is all about the job, where his only opponent is the meteorites that contain the minerals he's after. It is kind of nice to have a space fig that's not conflict based. He carries one of the new blasters in orange, but instead of a laser it has a silver unicorn horn to represent a drill, which is a fantastic parts usage. He is also wearing the larger space armor that appears with the Series 7 Galaxy Patrol and Series 9 Alien Avenger figs, among others. The new mold here is the helmet, which has some extra designs on the top and still can fit a standard visor. While the visor can fit on regularly, it can also be flipped upside down and it will match the top edge of the helmet, which is an unusual design for headgear pieces. He also has some nice torso and leg printing, with orange straps over a light gray suit, to help him fit in with the space mining industry.

    The Space Miner is common, coming 5 to a box. He has a few small pieces that can be easily isolated and identified, such as the unicorn horn, the blaster, and his visor. However, his armor is the bulkiest piece included in this series, so it should be fairly easy to find by feeling.

    Image of SpaceMiner 6
    "Not here to fight, just wondering if you know of any good mineral deposits nearby to drill for."


    Image of LifeGuard 1 Image of LifeGuard 2 Image of LifeGuard 3

    We've finally got the male equivalent of the Series 2 Lifeguard, and he's there to keep you safe on the beach and look cool while doing so. He's wearing red swim trunks, complete with a J.T. insignia. J.T. is probably the initials of one of the designers, which is common with Collectible Minifigures, but I couldn't tell you which one. He also has a muscular torso, so you know he works out in his spare time. His face has sunglasses and his hair is a common mold in a new color of dark brown. His accessories consist of a red lifeguard float, which is fairly uncommon, and red binoculars, which are a first in this color. He's not super exciting, nor is the concept isn't exactly new, but he pulls it off well enough.

    The Lifeguard is uncommon, coming only 3 to a box. To locate him, try feeling for the distinct shape of the binoculars or lifeguard float, which are both unique to him in this series. I would search for the binoculars first, since they're smaller and easier to isolate, and their curved ridged will be easier to identify than the smoothness of the float piece.

    Image of LifeGuard 4
    "I'm not just in this for the ladies. . . but that is a nice job perk."


    Image of Prospector 1 Image of Prospector 2 Image of Prospector 3

    We've got another miner, but this time he fits with the Western theme. I can imagine him digging for gold or silver in California or Alaska, and cracking a grin when he strikes it rich! His clothes appear rather tattered and worn, including a patch printed onto his hat. He comes with a silver short beard, which first appeared with the LEGO Movie fig Wiley Fusebot; it's not my favorite beard element, but it does provide a new shape for customizers to play with. His hat is a new mold, I believe, complete with a cut brim and the aforementioned printed patch. He also wields an old fashion pickaxe, to be used for chopping away at the earth to get to his gold. It's a very stereotypical miner look, but that doesn't mean the Prospector can't pull it off.

    The Prospector is rare and comes only 3 to a box. When feeling for him, the hat will be the piece that stands out the most. However, it feels very similar to the hat found with the Swashbuckler, so be careful to not confuse the two of them. The pickaxe's handle will be another piece to locate, and when you can verify that it has the pick's blade at the top, and then you will know that you have the Prospector.

    Image of Prospector 4
    "Naw, I don't need no dynamite ta git me gold otta the ground!"


    Image of Jester 1 Image of Jester 2 Image of Jester 3 Image of Jester 4

    We've had plenty of LEGO jesters before, from various court jesters in the Castle line to the Harley Quinn character from Batman. This Jester is unique in that his colors are a mix of orange and purple. His outfit is still similar to other jesters, and even the hat is the same mold, so the new colors really are the main draw here. He is also carrying two 1x2 tiles representing cards: one with a Joker, and the other with the Ace of Spades. It makes me wish that we could get the rest of the playing cards, but I don't see LEGO releasing a set with 52 unique tile prints, especially since they wouldn't stack very well in that form.

    The Jester is rare, coming only 3 to a box. When feeling for him, you could isolate the 1x2 tiles, but be warned that the Video Game Guy also has a single 1x2 tile. To avoid confusing the two, make sure there are two different 1x2 tiles to verify that you got the Jester. Additionally, feeling out the two prongs on the hat would also help you recognize him.

    Image of Jester 5
    "Amuse me, or face the Kragle!"

    Dino Tracker

    Image of DinoHunter 1 Image of DinoHunter 2 Image of DinoHunter 3 Image of DinoHunter 4 Image of DinoHunter 5 Image of DinoHunter 6

    This unique female comes right out of the recent LEGO Dino theme. There's nothing about her that specifically says that her prey is a dinosaur, but those scratches on her side must have come from something fierce. She has some nice printing on the front and back of her torso, in addition to pockets on the side of her legs, which is a new level of detail. Additionally, she also comes with two toned arms, in dark brown and yellow, to represent short sleeves. She comes with a new hair piece in dark brown, which is a long, straight ponytail. On the inside of the ponytail is a narrow slot, which I found can fit the foil sword weapon, so it gives her another way to carry around a blade, although it's probably not the most conformable way. Her standard weapons consist of a compound bow, which was previously used by Hawkeye from the Avengers, and a lime syringe, which appeared in the last Dino theme. This shows that while she is a fierce hunter, she's only doing it to tranquilize the dinosaurs, so she has good intentions. All in all, it's cool to see another strong female character to collect.

    The Dino Tracker is moderately common, coming 4 to a box. You could try to isolate and feel out the syringe, but it could easily be confused for other elements, like the Space Miner's unicorn horn or the Wizard's gemstone. A better piece to find would be the compound bow, where you could feel out its unique shape. The hair piece is also fairly large and easy to identify, since the ponytail is long and thick and stands out in the bag. However, the Genie Girl has the same hair piece, so don't use it solely to identify your fig.

    Image of DinoHunter 7
    "I'm going to need a bigger bow for this one."

    Pizza Delivery Guy

    Image of Pizza 1 Image of Pizza 2 Image of Pizza 3 Image of Pizza 4

    Craving some peperoni? Then you can order from the Pizza Delivery Guy. His accessories are a 2x2 printed tile representing a pizza box and a 2x2 round tile representing a pizza. The pizza tile is more realistic than the older style, so it's nice that minifigures can have a little more variety in their pizza choices. Unfortunately, the pizza can't actually fit inside the pizza box. He comes with a basic uniform, the highlights of which are the two-toned arms to represent short sleeves. He has a freckled, smiling face and a baseball cap with a pizza printed on it for good measure. Overall, he's kind of a generic fig, but still is part of a profession that isn't very well represented in LEGO City.

    The Pizza Delivery Guy comes 4 to a box, so he's moderately common. The two pieces to really feel for are the tiles, since he's the only one with a 2x2 round tile and a 2x2 square tile. If you can also locate the hat with the bill, then that will help, but it's less distinct than the tiles.

    Image of Pizza 5
    "Okay, now let's make it a race to see who can deliver their pizza faster!"

    Rock Star

    Image of Rocker 1 Image of Rocker 2 Image of Rocker 3 Image of Rocker 4

    This Rock Star will rock until the end of time. He's got a snazzy outfit, which includes printing on the arms and legs, plus big sunglasses. The hairpiece is not a new mold, or even in a new color for that mold, but it has some lightning printing on it to make it stand out (or be incompatible for some custom figs). The electric guitar, on the other hand, is a new shape, and has some great printing too. I'm sure he has the look of many rock stars from the 80s, which will probably appeal to a lot of people.

    The Rock Star is moderately common at 4 to a box. The item to feel for would be the guitar, which has a unique X like shape on one end, and a bar handle on the other, and it should be long enough to isolate. The big hair piece will also stand out, but it's a little harder to verify by touch.

    Image of Rocker 5
    "Are you ready to rock?"


    Image of Swordsman 1 Image of Swordsman 2 Image of Swordsman 3 Image of Swordsman 4

    Who likes to show off his muscles and rapier skills to the adoring public? The Swashbuckler, that's who! His hat and foil sword are the same molds that came with the Series 4 Musketeer, only this time they come in new colors. The torso printing also shows an open shirt with a muscular chest. For the fig I got, the yellow printing had a darker tint than usual, as if he was showing off his tan was well as his muscles. Certainly a fun fig to have.

    The Swashbuckler is one of the common ones who appears 5 to a box. To feel for him, try to locate the foil sword, which will be narrower than the other beams and also has the rounded tip. Another small piece that's easy to isolate would be the feather that goes in his hat. Be careful about the hat, since the Prospector has a similar hat design, so it's an easy was to confuse the two of them.

    Image of Swordsman 5
    "Yes, I will challenge all three of you to a duel at the same time, because I am just that good."

    Piggy Guy

    Image of Pig 1 Image of Pig 2 Image of Pig 3 Image of Pig 4

    Continuing with the tradition of animal costumes, we get the Piggy Guy. His costume is entirely in bright pink, and while it doesn't have a lot of printing on it, there are some nice details like the rounded stomach on the front, the hooves on the feet, and a printed pig tail on the back. Yes, an actual tail belonging to a pig, and not a hair piece. The head is also nicely detailed, with good molding on the ears and nose, along with printed eyes. The fig's face can be seen where the pig's mouth would be, and he has an innocent look on his face. It makes for a good animal costume to join the likes of the Series 9 Chicken Suit Guy, Series 10 Bumblebee Girl, and Series 5 Lizard Suit Guy. And he's even a healthy pig, because he has an apple to snack on.

    The Piggy Guy is moderately rare at 4 to a box. I'd say he probably wouldn't be an ideal character for army building, but I wouldn't put it past some AFOLs to want a legion of piggy guys in their next MOC. To find him, I would try to locate the helmet, which should have a distinct shape thanks to the ears. The apple is another useful piece to find, with its round body and stem rod being fairly easy to identify.

    Image of Pig 5
    "Wait, I thought the tale had the numbers swapped around?"

    Genie Girl

    Image of Genie 1 Image of Genie 2 Image of Genie 3 Image of Genie 4 Image of Genie 5

    The Genie Girl is here to grant your wish, so better make it a good one. She's clearly the female counterpart to the Series 6 Genie, but she has plenty of character that's all her own. She has a frilly top printed on her torso, both front and back, and also comes with the two-toned arms to denote short sleeves. Her face has a winking expression on it, and while her hairpiece is the same as the Dino Hunter's, this time it appears in blonde, complete with a gold hairband. Instead of legs, she has a uniquely genie wisp which stands on top of a single stud. While it generally works, it is a less stable connection than standard minifig legs. But it also means that it can be attached to the top of the lamp piece (which is the same that came with the Series 6 Genie), and can be aligned with it as if she's exiting the lamp. Overall, it's a nice fig, and although this is a dated reference, it reminds me of the character from "I Dream of Jeannie" show, which I'm sure must've been some inspiration for the character.

    The Genie Girl is rare, coming only 3 to a box. When searching for her, the piece that stands out the most for me was the hair, because the ponytail is long and a distinct shape, however the Dino Hunter has the same hair piece, so don't confuse the two. The lower body genie wisp piece is one that's unique to her in this series, and if you can feel the top studs that attach to the torso but can't feel any moveable legs then you know you found it. The lamp is also a nice small piece to isolate, but the shape is not an easy one to identify compared to others.

    Image of Genie 6
    "We can each grant each other a wish!"

    Spooky Girl

    Image of Goth 1 Image of Goth 2 Image of Goth 3 Image of Goth 4 Image of Goth 5

    Not being into horror films, I'm probably missing the reference of the Spooky Girl, but she's still a compelling character. She has a white head with an emotionless expression on it, and a simple printed torso, complete with a spider in one of the pockets. Her legs also have legging printing on them, but they are mostly hidden by the black cloth skirt. The skirt is basic cloth, like standard capes, and is pretty unexciting; it doesn't really add anything to the fig that printing couldn't have pulled off, and it restricts leg movement. So I'm not a big fan. The new piece here is the black hair piece, which is rubbery. However, the star piece is the teddy bear, which has a lot of detailed printing that gives it more character than the Spooky Girl, especially with the missing eye. It's a stuffed toy that would be more likely to scare children than comfort them.

    The Spooky Girl is rare and comes 3 to a box. The obvious piece to look for is the teddy bear, of which you can feel for the arms or ears. The hair piece also stands out since it is rubbery and will give when you press on it, unlike any other pieces in this wave. (Just make sure not to press too hard if you feel it, so you don't warp the piece.)

    Image of Goth 6
    "You're not the only gal who can be dark and brooding."

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