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    Set Review: 5002941 Bionicle Hero Pack
    ReviewMonday, March 2nd, 2015 at 12:07am by Jason, BZPower Reporter

    The latest Bionicle collectible is 5002941 Bionicle Hero Pack. If you're in North America, you can currently get it free with any purchase at or from a LEGO Store. But what are the contents like? BZPower Reporter Xccj has put together a short review to show you.

    Image of Bag Front Image of Contents

    The front of the polybag shows off a lot of its contents. This includes a poster with the Toa masks on one side and the island of Okoto on the other, a booklet with the Toa inside, a sheet of stickers with the golden Toa masks, a dark blue Skull Spider, and (most importantly) a trans neon orange Mask of Fire. Wow, that's a bit for a polybag, although most of it is paperwork. (The 9 piece count includes the poster, booklet, and stickers as one piece each. I guess we're lucky they didn't include a piece for every single sticker.) Also of interest is the mask in the upper right corner. It is not the standard Mask of Creation that had adorned the rest of the Bionicle packaging. It could be an earlier design of the mask, or maybe even one of the summer masks? The back of the bag only has legal stuff on it. (For example, the contents were made in Denmark and China.) Once you open the bag, you get another bag of parts, plus the paperwork.

    Image of Poster Island Image of Poster Masks

    The poster is fairly large, 11.75 inches by 16.5 inches. The one side shows off the six Toa masks, both in their Toa colors and in gold, as well as which Toa they go with. The printed masks are actually much larger than the masks in person, so I guess it's a good to check out the small details. (However, Pohatu's mask looks a little more brown than burnt orange to me.) The back features a very detailed map of the island of Okoto, with lots of features visible in the mountains, volcanoes, trees, islands, and more. There are markers for, presumably, where the golden masks are located. There's nothing that really stands out as the abandoned city; maybe it's hidden in one of the mountain ranges. It also has a cool compass in the corner. All in all, a nice map of the story's primary setting.

    Image of Stickers

    Next you get the sheet of stickers. They're very shiny and reflective, and you can peel off a sticker for each of the Toa's gold masks, as well as the Bionicle logo itself. I haven't tried to attach them to anything yet, but I assume they'll hold well enough, like other LEGO stickers in the past.

    Image of Booklet 1 Image of Booklet 2 Image of Booklet 3 Image of Booklet 4

    Then we have the booklet, which is honestly a little underwhelming. On the cover is the golden mask of fire with the Bionicle logo. The first page features the comic that comes with the fire sets, showing Tahu retrieving his mask and fighting off the Skull Spiders with the Protector of Fire. Nice, but not exactly exclusive. The next page has a quick instruction manual for the Skull Spider, in case you couldn't figure out how to put him together, and then a cartoon image of Tahu and the Protector of Fire. The next page then features cartoon images of all the Toa (with a repeat of Tahu) which are very nice, even if Pohatu's silver looks a little too bright. And that's it. The images are nice and a good introduction to the Toa and the premise of the story, but not exactly exclusive.

    Image of Skull Spider

    We come to our first (and really only) build, the dark blue Skull Spider. The dark blue Skull Spider mask appeared with four sets: Protector of Jungle, Protector of Stone, Lewa Master of Jungle, and Pohatu Master of Stone. This specific spider is actually only from the jungle sets, since the one in the stone sets had a scorpion tail that this one is missing. So it's not unique, but it's a nice addition to add to your Skull Spider swarm.

    Image of Mask Front Image of Mask Back Image of All Masks

    And, of course, the main reason to get this set is to obtain the exclusive transparent neon orange Mask of Fire. BZPower Blog Leader DeeVee had previously photographed this mask, but at the time he didn't know when, or even if, it would be available. The mask is the older shade of transparent orange, which matches the color of some of Tahu's armor, and also glows brightly under a black light. It is easily interchangeable with Tahu's other masks, so he can wear it proudly. I don't think there's an official story reason for his mask to turn transparent orange, but it still looks really cool. And Bionicle has never needed a reason to come up with exclusive masks. (Even if it does usually include one. Maybe we'll see it later in the year.)

    Image of Tahu Grab Mask Image of Tahu Wear Mask Image of Black Light Mask

    And that's it for the contents of the Bionicle Hero Pack. It's not a whole lot, but what's here will appeal to current fans and might even draw some of the newer fans into the Bionicle story. The paperwork is near, the dark blue Skull Spider is nice, and the trans neon orange mask of fire is amazing. It's quite a good deal too, because you can get it for free from LEGO with any purchase for the month of March, for people in North America anyway. (Europe had the same deal for the month of February.) For the dedicated Bionicle fan, I think it's certainly worth it to buy a set either from or from a LEGO Store to get this today. And if you've already bought all the Bionicle sets already, you can grab one of the other newly released sets from the Ninjago, Elves, or Marvel Avengers themes.

    Image of Tahu vs Skull Spider

    Thanks again for reading and / or watching this quick review. Make sure to like and subscribe to the BZPower Youtube Channel, and keep tuned to BZPower for more LEGO Set reviews.

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