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    A closer look at the UK Bohrok-Kal
    ReviewSunday, January 19th, 2003 at 5:22pm by Mike E., KP Founder

    The new releases of the 2003 kits have begun to filter out from the warehouses in Denmark to local Argos stores here in the UK. Currently, only a few stores have them in stock. For this story, I was only able to obtain two twin packs, which contained the Bohrok-Kal show below.

    Below you can see the 4 types of Bohrok-Kal that can be found at Argos. As seen before on the regular Bohrok, they are indeed the same cans as the Bohrok expect for different stickers. The Kal needs to be folded like the Bohrok to fit into the can and hang just like the previous kits.

    Bohrok Kal Cans

    As promised in the forums, here is a nice group shot of these four Bohrok-Kal. Other closer shots are below. Really, on the front the only difference that seperates these Kal from the Bohrok is the fact that most of the limbs are colored in the same metallic colors used on the Nuva; new hand tools; each has a new power; and of course new face plate designs which protect the Krana pans.

    Bohrok Kal Group Shot

    The Bohrok Kal

    Kohrak KalLehvak Kal Nuhvok KalTahnok Kal

    Manual insert - the mystery of the cube

    Okay, I have added this scan to this story from the Bohrok-Kal manuals, since it appears to tell a new story of the forthcoming Nuva vs. Kal conflict on Mata Nui. As shown in the bottom left corner we have the Nuva Cube, which generates all of the elemental powers of the Toa Nuva. This was shown last year when the Toa Nuva were each assigned their powers from the cube.

    Now take one master Kal from each Bohrok gang. These Kal swipe the ensign with a Nuva Cube pattern on it from each village. The Kal place the ensigns around the Nuva cube to form a ball, as shown in the image below. That Toa faces a very dull and uncertern future, since apparently the Kal are more powerful than the Nuva. If the power source 'cube' is blocked, the Toa will return to greyness.

    Manual Scan Insert

    Kal CD-Roms
    So far, each of the Kal that have been sold in the UK has a promo CD-ROM with it, and each CD is patterned to the Kal it came with. For example (below), the Flame and Ice hand tool images are shown on their respective CD's.

    Bohrok Kal Cds

    Kal Tools and Krana
    The last image shows the new hand tools in the metallic colors, and new krana that come with the Kal sets. Please note these are the same krana found in 2002, only in new colours - so in theory there is a whole new set of 48 Krana to be collected.

    Bohrok Kal Tools and Krana

    So far a great start to the year with these releases. When the other two Kal start to appear in shops, we will be sure to publish more images.

    A few BZPower readers, lucky enough to have acquired Bohrok-Kal, have generously sent in some more screenshots. From ZDigiToaIM and kshandr:

    Nuvhok Kal thumb   Mata Nui Kal thumb   Pahrak CD-ROM thumb   Gahlok CD-ROM thumb

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