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    Discuss This Story Market NewsWednesday, January 25th, 2023 at 1:22am by Jason, BZPower Reporter

    The Bionicle Gift With Purchase, 40581 Bionicle Tahu and Takua, will finally go live later this week on January 27th. Unfortunately, LEGO isn't exactly going to make it easy to get the set, as not only is there a price requirement of $100 in the US, but the qualifying sets must be from particular themes. If you haven't been following some of LEGO's other themes, there could be some confusion on just what you should buy. So I put together a list of some eligible products you can purchase that might be of interest to Bionicle fans. Read on to see the full list and begin to plan your purchases.

    The qualifying themes for the Bionicle GWP are as follows: Ninjago, Monkie Kid, City, Friends, Creator 3-in-1, Classic, and DOTs. Given the wide range of LEGO products nowadays, it is a bit odd to see such a limited selection. No licensed themes make the list, such as Star Wars or Marvel Super Heroes. And surprisingly none of the more adult targeted themes like IDEAs or Icons make the cut, despite classic Bionicle fans being well into adulthood by now. It's a bit disappointing that the marketing team may have decided that the only qualifying sets for Bionicle fans should be the less popular ones with adults. (The Blacktron set didn't have those restrictions... but to be fair, it did have a higher price point to reach.) Still, conspiracy or no, the Bionicle GWP has a few more rules to follow than the standard GWP. If you're not familiar with some of the in house themes, then below are some suggestions for sets you can purchase to get your very own System Tahu and Takua. (Although it should be mentioned that most of these suggestions are newer 2023 sets and thus I haven't personally bought them yet.)

    71781 Lloyd's Mech Battle EVO
    $19.99 USD

    Image of Suggestion 1

    Ninjago has often been seen as one of Bionicle's main successors, given it's elemental heroes and focus on story along with the sets. Also, mechs; a lot of mechs. The mechs here are similar in size to Tahu and look to offer some interesting pieces in green, gold, red, and black for building your own custom mechs.

    71785 Jay's Titan Mech

    Image of Suggestion 2

    If you'd like to go a little bit larger, this stylized mech may be more your type, with some sleek designs and lots of fun gold blades. Also, it was designed by Niek Van Slagmaat who helped with the Bionicle GWP set.

    71775 Nya's Samurai X Mech

    Image of Suggestion 3

    I enjoyed building this mech from last year, and it even has a fun little crystal dragon too. It costs a bit more, but alone will guarantee you meet the GWP price requirement. It's another Niek design too.

    71786 Zane's Ice Dragon Creature

    Image of Suggestion 4

    CCBS does stand for Character and Creature Building System, so dragon builds totally count. Plus, this set has an alt build that features a bipedal dragon. Another thing of interest here are the Bionicle-adjacent pieces, like the gold sockets, gold Bohrok eyes, and large blade pieces.

    80040 Monkie Kid's Combi Mech

    Image of Suggestion 5

    Monkie Kid is another story based theme that has a lot of fun builds. (Although the theme is generally only available directly from LEGO in North America, so these sets often don't appear on store shelves.) This one has a nice and affordable red mech with Keetongu orange and gold (and teal) highlights.

    80043 Yellow Tusk Elephant

    Image of Suggestion 6

    Another interesting creature build is this articulate elephant, with lots of fancy designs on it. Plus, it features the six stud shooters from the Bionicle Gen 2 era.

    80034 Nezha's Fire Ring

    Image of Suggestion 7

    Last year, BZPower's own Eyru reviewed the cool functionality of this set. Bionicle fans always like cool functions, and this model delivers.

    80045 Monkey King Ultra Mech

    Image of Suggestion 8

    If you want to go really big with a mech, Monkey King may have you covered with this giant model. There's a lot of detail to it (and a lot of colors) but it has large gold blades, a light up head, and just a very imposing size. It cost a bit above the requirement for the GWP, but it alone would guarantee you can pick up Tahu and Takua.

    60394 ATV and Otter Habitat

    Image of Suggestion 9

    City has always been a fairly generic evergreen LEGO theme, more often than not showcasing police or fire fighter sets. But there are a few interesting subthemes under City that will qualify. This little build is cheap and not terribly impressive, but it does come with two new otter molds. Who can say no to that?

    60333 Bathtub Stunt Bike

    Image of Suggestion 10

    Stuntz is a City subtheme with some fun playability to it. A lot of these little bikes are fairly inexpensive and can help you jump over the required GWP amount if you are very close to reaching it. The Bathtub bike in particular is a very funny take, but it's also quite engaging to roll around with the cool flywheel motor.

    60384 Penguin Slushy Van

    Image of Suggestion 11

    LEGO has made a few cool food cart vehicles in the past, and this slushy van has a nice theme to it. The penguin may not exactly be Bionicle themed, but this is the first set designed by BZPower's very own Aaron Newman, which is pretty cool.

    60388 Gaming Tournament Truck

    Image of Suggestion 12

    A gaming truck is a bit of an odd concept, but I think it's cool that they incorporated a mini video game into the design. Plus, the two gamer characters are quite vibrant and reminds me a bit of certain elemental heroes.

    60349 Lunar Space Station

    Image of Suggestion 13

    LEGO has often made Space themed sets, and last year City included some more realistic designs, including this space station with detailed interiors, solar panels, a space arm, and a docking capsule. Ta-Metru Defender liked it.

    41755 Nova's Room

    Image of Suggestion 14

    The Friends theme is more slice of life compared to the action adventure themes of Bionicle, but there's been a lot of crossover interest in the theme from some on BZPower before. (At least, more than just me.) The theme had a mild reboot this year with new characters, and some of the sets show off their bedrooms and their hobbies. Nova's is of particular interest for her gaming setup, which just happens to include a Bionicle Easter egg on the computer screens. I guess she's a Tahu fan too.

    41742 Cat Hotel

    Image of Suggestion 15

    Who doesn't like cats, and a lot of them are included in this fun set which features a neat sculpture on top of the building, in addition to the fun play features inside.

    41713 Olivia's Space Academy

    Image of Suggestion 16

    Last year, Friends went where no mini doll had gone before. Who knew Heartlake City had an active space program and was flying essentially teenagers up into the atmosphere? Best time line right here. The shuttle itself only has subdued pink highlights, and the solar system design on the front of the building is quite fun. I'd be interested to see more sci-fi Friend adventures in space in the future; how about you?

    31130 Sunken Treasure Mission

    Image of Suggestion 17

    Creator 3-in-1 always has some clever sculptures that often use fun building styles that Bionicle fans can appreciate. This set gives you the option of making an octopus, a lobster, or a manta ray for some underseas fun.

    31129 Majestic Tiger

    Image of Suggestion 18

    The tiger model was very impressive with it's articulation, which includes a fair number of ball joints. If the detailed tiger is too realistic for you, you could always make the red panda or koi fish models instead. Still, it is cool to see detailed creature builds still on shelves, even if they're not CCBS.

    31132 Viking Ship and the Midgard Serpent

    Image of Suggestion 19

    This set alone would put you over the GWP limit, and celebrates another legacy theme that doesn't get as much attention as it should. The Viking boat has impressive details, and the somewhat articular sea serpent is a cool addition. You could also build a fancy house or a scary wolf, giving you plenty of options for Viking adventures.

    11021 90 Years of Play

    Image of Suggestion 20

    The Classic theme is far less story driven than some of the others, as it tends to focus on the abstract builds you can make with more generic bricks. (You know, what LEGO used to be like in the AFOL's childhoods, back before you had specialized parts for every action figure character.) This set in particular went ahead and recreated a bunch of iconic LEGO models from the past, which infamously includes a simple Tahu. If you want this Tahu to go along with the more stylized GWP Tahu, then you can still pick up this set.

    11022 Space Mission

    Image of Suggestion 21

    This set offers a few space exploration models to build, but also lots of differently colored frogs. I'd expect nothing less from a set designed by Nick Vas, the one behind the Bionicle GWP.

    11020 Build Together

    Image of Suggestion 22

    If you want a model that will just about put you over the price limit, this one does so with lots of fun little builds, from food to musical instruments to dragons and dinosaurs, there's lots to be made here.

    41803 Extra DOTS Series 8 - Glitter and Shine

    Image of Suggestion 23

    It's a little surprising that DOTs made the list, especially because it was recently announced that the theme was coming to an end this year. I don't necessarily think the jewelry focus would appeal to Bionicle fans. (And I was disappointed that the bracelets are too small to really fit my wrists. It's almost like these were designed for children!) Still, a lot of the tiles are nice for complimenting other system builds. Better yet, the extra DOTs packs are about the cheapest qualifying product you could buy, which can help push your $99.99 purchase over the $100 limit. (I'm not sure how hard of a limit that requirement will be, but it has been in the past, so you don't want to be a couple of cents short. Why risk it, right?) Plus, hey, you can use the tiles to bling out Tahu and Takua.

    Hopefully that's enough suggestions to help you decide what you want to buy to get the GWP. Did I miss an obvious set that Bionicle fans would love? Let us know your picks in the talkback topic. And then make your purchases on January 27th.

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