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    Hot Bionicle NewsFriday, June 21st, 2002 at 1:58am by Kelly, BZPower Co-Owner

    Kanohi-Power has received its press kit from LEGO for the Toa Nuva release, scheduled for Fall 2002. This imposing black cylinder holds answers to questions major and minor� and a few revelations, including the script for comic 8 (plus handwritten notes).

    We will be examining the contents and providing more in-depth news and analysis shortly; until then, we hope to content KP readers with a highlight list.

    Onua Nuva and Onua

    First, the revelations included are mostly confirmations of theories put forth on KP and BZCommunity, and some new info about how, exactly, the Toa Nuva are formed from the Toa themselves.

    • Bahrag: Early name was apparently "Bahraq"
      The name was changed, perhaps to make it easier to pronounce or to eliminate confusion for English speakers.
    • The masks are called "Kanohi Nuva"
      "All new masks which offer [Toa Nuva] greater powers than ever before."
    • The creed of the Toa Nuva: "Unity, Duty, Destiny"
      "Remember these words, as they will have a crucial significance in the future of Mata Nui."
    • Liquid Protodermis transforms the Toa into Nuva
      As speculated earlier on KP, the Toa are transformed into Toa Nuva (without their consent) by being immersed in liquid Protodermis.
    • The Exo-Toa suits don�t last long
      The Toa must shed their suits, which limit their use of elemental powers.
    • Toa Nuva armor is formed of hardened Protodermis
    • In the comic, the Gali-Tahu relationship is "played up"
      Tahu places himself between Gali and Gahdok to save Gali from a barrage of heat.
    • Mask powers can affect not only each Toa, but all Nuva
      Tahu Nuva manages to shield all six Nuva, rather than just himself, which he was never able to do before. So now one Toa Nuva can levitate the group, while another can cause forward motion.
    • Protodermis is described as a "new form of energy"
      This is a bit revisionist and contradictory from what we�ve read previously about protodermis.
    • New mask packs will become available
      The new packs are number 8569, and will contain 2 Kanohi (assumed Nuva, since that�s what�s on the picture) and 3 Krana. Nuva Symbols with Names attached
    • Each Toa Nuva is represented by a new symbol
      The symbols seen earlier are indeed an identifier for each Nuva. The poster that came with the package (and caused the tube to be so large) contains names and the symbol at the bottom.
    • Pohatu Nuva�s torso is still inverted
      The Toa of Stone will still not be able to fit into the Exo-Toa set without serious modifications.
    • A Bionicle music album is apparently planned
      Features Rob Zombie, Cold, Kenna, Woven. A website at is named, but the URL currently redirects to

      Onua Nuva mask and Pakari

    • Observations on Onua Nuva and his Kanohi Nuva:
      • The mask is large, significantly wider than a Pakari. It�s also made of a different type of plastic, which is slightly more textured and less glossy.
      • The legs, despite appearances, do NOT bend. The pivot joint is deceiving, the leg is one solid piece of plastic.
      • About half the pieces in Onua Nuva are new or new to the set. Here are the the new pieces:
        • Mask (of course)
        • Shoulder and chest armor
        • Arms are now Bohrok-style arms/legs
        • Weapons
        • Legs (with deceptively solid knee joint)

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