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    Discuss This Story ReviewSunday, March 2nd, 2003 at 9:15pm by Rich, BZPower Administrator

    The most sought-after collectible for the first half of 2003 will be the Silver Krana-Kal elements. Whether it is the Sterling Silver variety or the White Metal version, these Krana-Kal will be storied and wanted. If you wanted to know more about these Krana-Kal and see in-depth photos of the White Metal version, read on for the first-ever review of these collectibles.

    First we'll go into some background. The Silver and White Metal versions of the Krana-Kal can only be found in Bohrok-Kal sets. They are randomly inserted into these sets. Whether you buy them from LEGO Shop@Home or buy them from your local toy store, your chance of obtaining a rare Krana-Kal will be the same.

    wmkranaThere will be 72 Sterling Silver Krana-Kal produced and 5,000 White Metal Krana-Kal produced. Both varieties are exceptionally hard to find. Millions of Bohrok-Kal will be sold, and as the statistics above reveal, only a miniscule number of Bohrok-Kal canisters will contain the rare Krana-Kal.

    Oddly enough, I have learned that the Krana-Kal were originally not intended to be put into Bohrok-Kal canisters. They were an afterthought intended to increase sales, and it appears the Power of Silver is helping do just that.

    rearkrana Now, for the Krana-Kal themselves. Nobody has reported finding a Sterling Silver Krana-Kal yet. However, I did manage to get hold of a White Metal Krana-Kal at Toy Fair this year, and I have a few pictures to share.

    When a rare Krana-Kal is found, it will come in a small black velvet bag along with a laminated card congratulating the finder. As shown in the image above, the card says:

    "Congratulations. You have found one of the 5,000 White Metal Krana-Kal. Keep searching for the Sterling Silver Krana-Kal! The Bohrok-Kal who carries this cannot be harmed by any outside force."


    The White Metal Krana-Kal is just like any other Krana-Kal except for the fact it is solid. It is not rubber and it is not plastic. It is an actual metal. The detail in the Krana-Kal shown below reveals a brain that is true to the original Krana design both front and back. The brain also fits in a Bohrok-Kal brainpan and on a Toa Nuva face.

    The easiest way to find one of these brains is to look for it. Bohrok-Kal canisters are translucent. You can actually peek in the side of the can to see if something extra is included. While that may work with some cans, it may not work on all.

    As shown above, the black velvet bag that contains the Krana-Kal and the laminated card can easily be hidden under the CD-Rom, which is currently included in all Bohrok-Kal sets. If it is hidden there, you have no chance of knowing if the velvet bag is in the Kal set you are looking at. The CD-Rom will cover the bag on one side, and the instruction booklet will obstruct view from the other. Therefore, you can try looking for the bag, but it may be in one of the cans you put down thinking that the prize is not in there. The only sure way to know is to buy the set, cross your fingers, and look inside.


    That�ll about do it for the White Metal Krana-Kal. Once a Sterling Silver Krana-Kal is found we�ll have plenty of images of that for you as well.

    Good luck finding the Power of Silver!

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